Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This Day in History April 24, 1982

Well, it was the girl in the video who was born on this date in 1982.  Ever heard or Kelly Clarkson?  She was the original American Idol winner, and she truly has had quite a career so far.  She is from Burleson, Texas (near Fort Worth), and I have had mixed feelings about her throughout the years.

I always liked the song that I posted here, but then I wasn't a fan.  Goodness, I hadn't even heard of American Idol, and I knew nothing of her until I began studying for my "Musician of the Week" segment each week when I was a music teacher.  I think in her early years, she kind of got a big head.  I first began to like her when she recorded with Reba McEntire.  And then when she recorded with Jason Aldean, I truly got even more interested.  I have recently began to enjoy her more.  When she does not yell and scream while singing, I think she is much more pleasant.

Happy birthday to her, and if you would like more information, please check out:


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