Monday, April 9, 2012

This Day in History April 10, 1912

I probably don't need to say much of anything about this day's feature.  On this date in 1912, Titanic took off on its first (and what would be its last) voyage.  It is a great tragedy, as most of us know.  I have had a fascination with this tragedy since I was in sixth grade and had an opportunity to write a research paper on it.

In spite of the tragedy, there are great stories that have come out of it.  Of course, you have John Jacob Astor who went down with the ship as a hero.  He helped many get off the ship.  Then there is the story of the Strausses.  She refused to leave him when given the chance, and they went down with the ship together.  And they were the owners of Macy's!  There is always the story of Molly Brown who inspired the members of her lifeboat to not give up hope.  In some ways, I liken this ship to the Tower of Babel.  I think whenever we humans think we have built something that "rivals" our Lord, I think He does allow things to happen to sort of keep us in check.  This was the ship that was "unsinkable."  It was said that God Himself could not sink it.  While I don't believe that God caused the tragedy, He did allow it.  Just like He allowed the languages to be jumbled and confused at Babel.  Just my observation.   

I had heard about some memorial cruise, and that began yesterday.  I will post the video that talks about that.  

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