Monday, July 30, 2012

K5 Learning Review

I am very pleased to have the opportunity to tell you about a wonderful online children's program called K5 Learning.  It is an online software program created in 2010 for students in grades K through 5.  It was developed by parents to challenge students in the areas of reading and math when outside of school.  And I love the fact that this company is targeting parents rather than schools with educational software.  I am a teacher, after all, and I know that while good learning is indeed done at school, learning must be reinforced and often extended at home.

Since it is the summer now, my daughter is practically living on the computer.  When I introduced this program to her, I thought she might be resistant.  After all, it was asking her to do schoolwork during summer.  She jumped in and had so much fun.  She has been spending most of her time on the really easy lessons, and she has done quite well.  Her favorite part, she says, is that once you have worked through a certain amount of lessons, you get to play a game or watch a short online video.

My daughter is going into the fourth grade, and she is on a pretty high level when it comes to reading.  In fact, she is past the levels that are covered in this software. For math, she is right on as far as grade level goes.  The company contacted me to help me customize my daughter's lessons, and I was pleased with our interactions.  The representative I contacted has a child just like mine, so she was very familiar with how to structure the lessons.  I was glad that she told me that K5 learning would soon be adding Grade 6 to the lessons--that is really good news!

I absolutely love the Parent Dashboard section.

This is where I have been spending my time.  I can see what lessons she has done, and I can add spelling words!  I had a lot of fun doing this.  Martha won her spelling bee this past school year, and I just added some words to her list.  I went through and assigned her some math and reading.  She struggles with reading comprehension, and I was glad to see many lessons based around that.  Math was pretty straightforward since she is basically on target.

The thing that really impressed me about this was when my daughter came to me and asked to get on K5 Learning!  She doesn't ever ask to play educational games, so I was pretty happy.  I get tired of her mindless game-playing online.  And I don't want her to lose what she has learned through the school year.

Another thing you,as the parent, can do is request an assessment.  I have just gotten to a point where I requested one for my daughter.  So I am awaiting that now, but I think it will push my daughter on to where she needs to be.

Still not ready to sign up?  With K5 Learning, they give you a free 2-week trial.  There is no obligation, so I highly suggest you check that out.  You may find something that you and your child just cannot live without!

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