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This Day in History July 30, 1818

Emily Brontë by Patrick Branwell Brontë restored

I was pleased to discover the birthday of a favorite author of mine today.  It was on this date in 1818 that Emily Bronte was born.  She is best known for her only novel Wuthering Heights.  She is also known for being one of the famous Bronte sisters.  Ellis Bell was her pseudonym when this book was first published in 1847.

Saint Anns

Very little is known about the shy, reclusive Emily Bronte.  This church, St.-Anne's-in-the Grove, is said to be an inspiration in her writing of Wuthering Heights, and I can certainly believe it.  The book is rather dark and foreboding at times, and this fits into the entire fabric of the story.


She was in fairly fragile health, and unsanitary water weakened her constitution.  She refused any help from doctors--she called them "poisoning doctors."  She died December 19, 1848, of tuberculosis.  

When I first read Wuthering Heights, I have to admit I was less than enthralled.  I preferred Jane Eyre by her sister, Charlotte.  However, when I studied some about both of these books while I was in college, I came to appreciate the scope and depth of her work.  

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  1. Wuthering Heights should be on everyone's MUST read list. Thanks for the post, Ruth.


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