Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This Day in History July 24, 1897

It was on this date in 1897 that one of the greatest females in aviation history was born--Amelia Earhart.  Most of us know of the strange disappearance that occurred in 1937, and I suppose she will always be remembered because of that.  She was trying to go circumnavigate the globe at that time.

For me, she will always be a symbol of the independent woman, and even my daughter has studied her in school.  I suppose we are always fascinated by enigmas like her disappearance, but we must remember that she had a very memorable life on this planet, thought short it was.

I enjoyed it when she was featured in Night at the Museum 2, and I will leave the movie trailer below of the Hillary Swank movie based on her life that I have yet to see.

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