Monday, July 30, 2012

Let Your Kids Learn Something Valuable This Summer--Guest Post

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It is very important that you teach your teen how to manage their money. This is their age to learn to be responsible with finances because this is what they will practice for the rest of their lives when it comes to money management. As a parent, it is your duty to teach them and this summer is probably the best time to do so. Did you ask “why summer”? Well, summer is the time when many teenagers get part-time jobs doing odd jobs and get paid for it. With so many jobs around the corner, summer is probably the best time that you can pick to teach your kids the value of money.

How to teach kids the importance of money

Handling money does not have to be grave and dull. You could think of various ways to teach kids the value of money without stressing them out too much.Let us take a look at the various ways by which your kids can learn how to manage their money and secure their future when it is the time:

  1. Let them have fun: Imagine how bored you were when you were lectured into something although it was a valuable lesson. You do not have to do the same thing with your teenagers. You could be an innovative parent and make learning fun. Teaching them about money management must help them realize that they will have the finances to support their summertime fun activities. Engage their attention instead of distracting them by being boring. You could search online for different fun ways to teach your teenage kids without stressing them out.
  2. Be ready for celebrations: By developing different methods you could help your teens in saving some money. Give them short goals to achieve and when they do achieve those goals do not forget a little celebration for the success that they have made. This will not only make them feel good about themselves but will also inspire them to achieve financial goals in the future. Find out what they would really appreciate if they achieve their financial goals and make sure they get it.
  3. Teach them about free entertainment: Remember the times when you were kids and when there were no gizmos or gadgets but you still had a lot of fun? Yes, teach your kids that they can still have fun even when they are not paying money for expensive video games or playing online on their computers all the time. Again, if they have to play games online make them pay for it and chances are that they may like to make different choices.
  4. Being generous: This could be a very important lesson for your teenagers. Earning money for themselves and spending it only on themselves is something different. Teach your kids to show signs of generosity and this will surely teach them to be simple and responsible too.
  5. Create a savings account: Help them create a savings account and teach them to strictly set aside some money in their account no matter what. This will not only teach them to be financially responsible but will also help them make important life decisions. Explain to them how interests work and how they could impact their money.
  6. Cash management: Kids may not be ready to use credit cards yet and hence you must teach them to manage finances using cash alone. Using cash will teach them management but credit will not. They may lose control on their finances if they are made to handle credit.
  7. Budget for them: Make them get on a budget to make them control their spending habits.

Short Description: Teenagers are young and can be taught the value of money because their minds are receptive. will help you create financial awareness.

Author’s bio: Jonny is a financial writer, whose articles on teenage finance management topics have helped several parents as well as teenagers become aware of financial responsibilities.


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