Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Itzbeen Pocket Nanny Giveaway (Ends 10/24) U.S.

Itzbeen Pocket NannyMy bloggy friend is on our second baby and while she is still exhausted this time around, she has e a slightly better handle on what she's doing and when it needs to be done. But, it can still be difficult to keep track of everything that babies need and when you last did it.  Enter the Itzbeen Pocket Nanny which can be a great help for brand new parents, seasoned veterans, and all caregivers in between. The Itzbeen is a small electronic device about the size of a baby monitor that helps you keep track of all the vital stats about your baby such as when he last fed and which side you breastfed on, how long he's been sleeping, and when his diaper was last changed. Plus it has an extra timer if you need to keep track of when to give your baby medicine or other items. And, there's a clock, a nightlight, and the display can be backlit with the touch of a button so you can read it without turning on a light at night. It can stand on its own or be clipped to your belt for easy access anywhere. Itzbeen pocket nannyWhen she received the Itzbeen, she gave it a test run, and it  helped her keep track of things so she could focus on chasing her 2 -year-old and getting some work done. Each of the tracking functions can also be set as an alarm. So, while she timed her baby's diaper changes, feedings, and naps with the appropriate functions, she used the extra timer for a variety of things such as setting a time out for our older boy when he misbehaved. She even used it to time some muffins she was baking so she could go upstairs and put laundry away while they cooked (and not forget about them). She thinks the Itzbeen would be especially useful for parents of premature babies or babies with special needs. It would really take some of the pressure off tracking the medicines and extra care those babies need. And Itzbeen is also great for babysitters and other caregivers. Just hand it over to the babysitter, and she'll know exactly when the baby was last fed and changed, and she can keep track so you will know just what needs to be done when you get home. Overall, it's a highly useful product. Her only word of caution...don't lose the directions! There is no way she would ever remember the combination of buttons to push to set the clock! The Itzbeen retails for $24.99 and is available at baby retailers worldwide as well as online at Amazon, Target, and other online retailers. To find a store near you, visit Itzbeen.com.

This review was completed by Sarah B. Sarah is a military wife and stay at home mom to a 2 and a half year old and a 2 month old. She loves to bake, craft, and play with her little guys, and enjoys blogging about her experiences as her children teach her how to be a parent. Read about all her adventures at The Education of a Stay at Home Mom. Sarah received the above product through Sublime Media Connection in exchange for an honest review. In no way was she asked to give a positive review.
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  1. We were planning on using a dry-erase board/journal method, but this would be awesome!

    Auri Lae on rafflecopter

  2. I only kept track of her diapers for about three days because of jaundice. It would have come in handy to track when I could take medicine, I was thinking my friend who is due in December could use it.

  3. This would definitely keep me on track with our hectic schedule regarging our little one - - - Paul T/Pauline T aka Paul Tran..... emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  4. We plan to use a notebook and wrist watch. But this thing looks super convenient!

    Ashley B.

  5. WIth our first child, I kept a little notebook and wrote everything down :)

    Jessica Eaton Ledford
    cherriesjessilee at gmail dot com


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