Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Direct Mail Services for Canada Post

If you are a business--or work for one--you are probably familiar with mailing out flyers and the like on a regular basis.  If you live in Canada, I know about a company that would love to handle all your direct mail services.  They have a direct marketing team that will ensure that your next mailing (and all future ones) will go smoothly.  They will weed through all the various regulations and specifications, and they will be certain to deliver the results that you would expect.  Small or large volume does not matter nor does the type of mailing you are doing.  Let IDRS help  your mailing campaign deliver for you.

Perhaps you need to send out parcels.  IDRS is able to do that as well, and they will take care of the entire process including boxing, weighing, and parcel preparation.  With the cost of postage going up quite regularly, they will also work to minimize your mailing costs.

If you have read this far and do not understand what direct mail services is about, let me briefly explain it.  It is an advertising method used by companies to communicate to their customers--past, present, and future--and their purpose is to improve their revenue while retaining and acquiring customers.

What are some of the direct mail services IDRS provides?  Campaign planning, processing/handling of physical mail before passing on to the household or business, and fulfillment of campaign requests.  No matter where you are sending your mailings--domestic and/or international--you can trust your mailing needs to IDRS.  They are an innovative yet cost-effective option that will ensure your business the most exposure  possible.


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