Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Make a Statement With Wine Wedding Favors

One of the oldest wedding traditions I know about is raising a glass in honor of the bride and groom.  At almost ever reception I have ever intended (mine included), there has been some kind of toast to the new couple.  It is even customary for the bride and groom to have a special toast together.  In light of this, you may be interested in Weddingstar's premium wine wedding favors.  Think of the pleased responses of your guests when they receive an etched wine glass favor or a unique wine bottle favor.  This is a memorable moment of the reception so it makes sense for your guests to leave with a memento of that time.

There are so many options on Weddingstar's site.  You might want to check out their entire line of wine bottle stopper wedding favors.  They have something to fit every theme and style.

  • king/queen crown
  • fantasy'
  • four seasons--snowflakes, leaves, butterflies
Those are just a few of their designs, and you can rest assured that these are premium, detailed, and elicits the "wow" response.  Your guests will receive years of enjoyment from these conversation pieces.

If wine stoppers are not your "cup of tea," why not go the practical route?  Everyone uses coasters, and Weddingstar has whole line of these.  Their styles include the beautiful "Fall In Love" cork-bottomed coasters with a vibrant leaf pattern.  These coasters make great individual gifts or table decorations.  Think of how simple favors such as these will truly add the finishing details to your event.

Feel like going a little more upscale?  Check out their "Something Blue" glass coasters.  These come in sets of four, and they truly make a statement when paired with wine glasses or any other glassware.  Each one of these striking coasters features a single word, but when you stack them together, they spell out the old saying "something borrowed, something blue."  Imagine your guests salivating over these!

Are you having an outdoors wedding?  Nothing adds to the charm of these natural surroundings better than wine wedding favors.  After all, wine is a versatile drink that can be very earthy in nature while being sophisticated at the same time.  Better still, you don't even have to serve alcoholic wine if you choose not to. I certainly did not, but we still used all the elegant glassware to its full advantage.  Serve non-alcoholic champagne or even sparkling juice, and your guests will still be amazed at your charming decor.

Weddingstar has everything you could possibly need to customize your wedding exactly as you want.  Wine wedding favors are a perfect last-minute addition since the creation of the favors has already been done for you.  All you need to do is check out their site and pick out your items for your ceremony.  As you search the site, keep an open mind, and you just might find things that will set your wedding apart and make it truly memorable.


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