Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Purex with Oxi Review

I absolutely love Purex detergent.  It is by far the best detergent on the market, and I know that it gets my clothes clean.  In fact, I can trust Purex to get stains out of my clothing that I don't even know is there.  I am also a fan of Oxi.  It's tough on stains, too.  I have a 9-year-old tomboy and I have a 69-year-old mom who often wears her food.  You can imagine the kind of stains we have to deal with.

Imagine combing these two products into one fantastic detergent!  That is exactly what has been done here in new Purex plus Oxi laundry detergent.  This detergent is so powerful that it works against 101 different stains--we probably have each of those in our household!

Do you want to try this fantastic product for yourself?  Check out their store locator here.  Chances are very good that you will find a store near you that sells this detergent.  If you have kids or men in your household, this is a necessity!

Now that  we are in the holiday season, be sure to check out Purex's promotions here.  This includes Purex's 12 days of giveaways and a search for Santa's Hat.  Be sure to follow Purex via social media:

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  1. That isn't available in Manila. My favorite for cleaning clothes is the Amway product, SAE8. No fillers at all.

    By the way, what's with the pop up on your blog? That's never happened until now.



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