Thursday, November 29, 2012

Starbox by Starlooks November Box Review

I am so pleased to be sharing my review of the November Starbox by Starlooks.  If you have been following these reviews, you will know that this is the fourth review (wow!) I have done with them.  So, in case you missed it, what is a Starbox?  It is your chance to try an entire make-up line for only $15 a month!  That's right.  Do you want to look like the celebrities you so admire?  Starlooks is your link to this outstanding look.  Each box contains three-four full-size samples from the Starlooks line of make-up.

Your glorious Starbox experience begins with a beautiful box, and this is my favorite box design so far!  Doesn't it look chic?  I remember the day it came that I was enamored with the outside of the box.  I quickly opened it, expecting some of the best items yet.

Again, I still have a minor complaint--same one as last month.  And it applies to one of the items in here.  I loved the palette of 4 eye shadows, and I also loved the instruction sheet that went with that.  More about that later.  I did follow the instructions for applying these four eye shadows, but they were WAY too dark.  I was able to lighten them up with my personal powders and such, and my mom said the effect was beautiful.  But all I can say is that the only thing that could improve these starboxes is if you could specify your skin tone.  I know it may sound minor, but I am very fair-skinned.  Dark, dramatic eyeshadow does not look good on me.  It would be a difficult thing to work out, I am sure, but I would certainly find this an even more premier collection.

You can see the eyeshadow (and it does look nice in the picture), but I also want you to notice my eyelashes.  Why?  Because I want to tell you about the best thing in the box!  There was a special tool for applying mascara, and although it was a little difficult to use at first, it kept away the mascara lines from under my eyes.  It even kept my mascara from running as much as it usually does during the day.  I loved the instruction sheet for the eyeshadow, but I wish they had an instruction sheet for this, too.  I think some people wouldn't know how to use it.  It took trial and error for me to figure it out.  But I love it!

Their lipstick color this month was my favorite so far!  The color was not too dark, and it went on very smoothly.  I would venture to say that those with darker complexions may not like it so well.  I don't know.  But it worked for me.  

Something to point out.  I know you run the risk of not liking an item in the box.  But let me tell you something.  At $15, even if I didn't like the eyeshadow, this box is still a bargain.  The cost of the tool, and lipstick alone would probably come up to $15.  And I think that the eyeshadow that is too dark for my eyelids may work as a bronzer or possibly even blush.  And if all else fails, you can always give away the item or items to your friends that you know you won't like.  I will be honest.  If I hadn't been reviewing the eyeshadow, I probably would have given it away to a friend or family member, and they would have been forever grateful!  Honestly!  After all, this is not the cheap drugstore make-up.  This is the high-end stuff.

This ought to really excite my readers!  December is going to be a fantastic eye shadow palette that you won't want to miss!  If you want this, you need to order before December 1!  So don't forget! This is the perfect Christmas gift for you and the special women and young ladies in your life.

As to this service itself, this gift subscription can be stopped at any time.  And the best part is that it keeps on giving throughout the year.  It is the perfect gift for your college or high school girl.  And it is absolutely ideal for guys to give to their women.  Why?  They never have to think about what to get the woman in their life.  And once it comes, I bet the woman will be willing to handsomely reward the man for his thoughtful gift.  And he probably won't even remember it!!

When you check out Starbox, be sure to follow them on facebook.  I just found out that they posted a video of the mascara tool, so you never know what they might share there!

I received the above products through Sublime Media Connection in exchange for an honest review. In no way was I asked to give a positive review.


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