Thursday, February 7, 2013

This Day in History February 7, 2010

There are some discrepancies, but I think I think I have accurate information for what I will post.  On this date in 2010, there was a record number of people watching a certain show.  It was Super Bowl XLIV in which the Saints defeated the Colts.  An average of 106 million (153.4 million total) or possibly 111 million viewers.  It depends on what report you believe.  But it surpassed the previous record of M.A.S.H. series finale (just under 106 million viewers).  According to most reports, the following year's Super Bowl broke this record with 111.3 million viewers.  This year's Super Bowl did not break any records.  But it is clear that  2010's Super Bowl was truly a game worth watching.  Seeing the Saints win only five short years after Hurricane Katrina truly made this a feel good story.

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