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ABG Reads: "Stardust Summer" by Lauren Clark (Ends 3/24) U.S.

Title: Stardust Summer
Author: Lauren Clark
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Number of Pages: 280

Single mom Grace Mason doesn’t believe in miracles, magic, or love at first sight. She likes the quiet life, complete with her eight-year-old son, their tiny house, and her teaching job. For Grace, happiness means that nothing much ever changes in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

Then, one thousand miles away, tragedy strikes. A massive heart attack leaves Grace’s estranged father comatose in an Upstate New York hospital. While a team of doctors fight to keep Henry Mason alive, Grace and Evan rush to his bedside to say their final goodbyes.

Henry’s passing brings little closure for Grace, but she finds herself inexplicably drawn to her new surroundings. What begins as a short trip results in an entire summer spent with Henry’s second wife, Kathleen, and her next-door neighbor, Ryan Gordon, the town doctor. When a series of unlikely events lead to Evan’s disappearance, Grace must face her worst fears to find her son and bring him back home.

Stardust Summer explores the complexities of forgiveness, what it means to be a family, and the fabulous possibility of falling in love—again

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Author Interview 

1. What is the hardest part of the writing process for you?  What is the easiest part?

I love all of the parts of the writing process, but finding the perfect ending tends to take longer for me. I always want it to be satisfying for a reader, and that means going through several scenarios to come up with the best wrap-up for a story. I am definitely an idea girl. I have tons of book ideas and I like to come up with titles. I have a long list of both on my laptop!!

2.  If you could meet any of the characters in your current book, who would you meet and why?

I'd love to meet Ryan Gordon, because he's such a dedicated physician and really opens up his heart and home to Grace and her family. He's learned so much from his past mistakes and is ready to find love again—he just has to convince Grace that she's the right girl for him.

3.  If you could interview any author living or dead, who would you interview and why?

I am fascinated by Sophie Kinsella. She's hilarious and witty. Her characters get into so much trouble and I love the way that she weaves story, romance, and redemption together. She's brilliant and I adore reading about London and British traditions.

4.  Do you prefer e-books or print books?  Why?

My family is pretty traditional, in that we have about 1,500 books laying around the house and on shelves. I love the feel of a book, looking at the cover, and the satisfaction of turning the final pages. I have, though, embraced technology, and am reading my first book on my iPhone. (The Fault in Our Stars by John Green—am loving it so far!)

5.  What is your favorite quote?

I have lots of favorite quotes, but these two (found on GoodReads) seem to strike a chord with my life right now:

“Tears are words that need to be written.”

"Never stop looking at the world, and never stop reading to find out what sense other people have made of it. If people give you a hard time and tell you to get your nose out of a book, tell them you're working. Tell them it's research. Tell them to pipe down and leave you alone.”

6.  Do your books tend to be autobiographical or based off real life experiences or people?  How much of your personal life experiences do you include in your books?

All of my main female characters tend to have some of my personality and quirks—whether it's being clumsy or forgetful, saying the wrong thing and not meaning it, or getting into impossible situations! I do also tend to base my younger characters on my two sons. They are such joys in my life—both innocent, earnest, and full of love. Evan was definitely drawn from my older son, Patrick.

Stardust Summer is set in a real place and I do mention real locations that have meaning to me—Garrett Chapel, Long's Book Store, Soldiers and Sailors Hospital. Like in the story, a gigantic tree fell on the roof of our cottage about ten years ago!!!

7.  What is your dream vacation spot? 

Santorini, Greece - The water and landscape look amazing; I love the food and the culture.

8.  Tell us one thing about yourself that not everyone knows.

I tend to NEED to finish the library books that I check out, so sometimes I am late getting them back. I have also been known to misplace library books and find them later in odd places around the house (laundry room, kids' rooms).

I owe at least $10.00 in library fines right now and the guilt is killing me!!! (I also can't check out any more books and they aren't open on Sundays). I am actually quite happy to pay the fine—I just consider it a "donation." Hey, it's a way for the library to buy more books, right?

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  1. Thanks for being a part of the tour. :)

  2. Ruth - Thank you so much for featuring Stardust Summer on My Devotional Thoughts! I so enjoyed doing the interview and have to laugh about the last question ........ I finally went to the library and paid my overdue fine! It was $19.70!!!!!!! (Eeek!) At least the library can buy a nice, new hardback with the money :)

    Have a great week! Lauren

    1. I am so glad you did! But in the future, wouldn't it be easier to just donate money to the library? LOL!

    2. Ruth - I know, right????? Sigh!

      Again, thank you so much for featuring Stardust Summer!

      Have a wonderful weekend!

      xx, Lauren


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