Saturday, April 16, 2011

Satisfied Saturday--Using My Springpad

I absolutely loved my recipes from last week yet again.  Still waiting to make the dessert--tomorrow night, I think.  But I am using cherry pie filling since I did not fancy paying over five dollars for blueberry pie filling.

Do you use springpad?  I began to use it when I started following blogs last year, and I love it--especially for saving recipes.  So tonight, I am using some recipes I saved from my springpad.

Meal 1:  Chicken Souvlaki Pie with Tsatziki
             Roasted Potatoes
Meal 2:  Killer Club Sandwich
             French Fries
            Broccoli Slaw

Meal 3:  Johnny Marzetti with Cheesy Noodles
             Green Beans

Meal 4:  Honey Curry Chicken 

Dessert:  Caramel Toffee Cake

That should do it.


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