Monday, October 10, 2011

Music Monday--Lady Antebellum Own the Night CD Review

Yes, I finally have listened to another CD!  So here I am to review it.  This is Lady Antebellum's newest CD, and I really think it is their best as a whole.

My least favorite song on the album is their current single and the opener of this album We Owned the Night.  Now it is not a horrible song, and it is growing on me, but it is still nothing really great.  I don't really like the story behind the song, and I don't understand how the couple in the song had a romp in the sheets and then never spoke again.  And yet things were perfect??

Their first single from this album is next--Just a Kiss.  This is the entire reason I bought the CD!  I have loved it from the first time I heard it.  How nice it is to hear a song about people waiting to jump into bed with each other!  They don't want to go too fast.  I think more people should take the advice in this song.  And this song is even sweeter since the inspiration behind this song is Hillary Scott's relationship and engagement.

Dancin' Away with My Heart and Friday Night are fine, but the next stand-out song for me is When You Were Mine.   It is sweet and sad.  Cold as Stone and Singing Me Home are good, but  Wanted You More is again a sad song with heart.  And I think it really shows the pathos of a lost relationship.

Sad song As You Turn Away followed by nice Love I've Found in You are the next two songs--very nice.  I didn't want to stop listening to Somewhere Love Remains, but the last song on the album takes the cake for me. Heart of the World is probably the finest song on the album, and it will probably never be a single.  I loved the message of the song--probably the only thing that makes Lady Antebellum even remotely country.

I definitely give this album a five out of five.  On their previous albums, I tend to find one or two songs that I really can't stand.  On this album, there is not a song that I cannot handle.  My least favorite is the first song, but even that song is not too bad.  I highly recommend this CD to country and pop fans alike.  It is a fantastic effort by Lady A, and I think they finally have come into their own.


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