Friday, October 28, 2011

This Day in History October 29, 1792

Well, what I have to share ties in really well with Pacific Northwest culture and scenery.  Those of you who live in the Pacific Northwest may recognize this mountain very quickly (sorry, I wouldn't have known for sure--I only recognize Mt. Rainier readily).  This is Mount Hood, and it can be found in Northern Oregon--50 miles east-southeast of Portland.

The height of Mt. Hood has varied, and it is the highest point in the Oregon Cascade range--fourth highest overall.  It is considered the Oregon volcano most likely to erupt, but the odds of an eruption in the next 30 years are 3-7 percent.  The Native American name for Mt. Hood was Wy'east, taken from the name of the Multnomah chief.

Now, why on earth would I be talking about Mt. Hood today?  It received its present name on this date in 1792.  Lt. William Broughton, a member of Captain George Vancouver's discovery expedition, named it after a British admiral, Samuel Hood.  Lewis and Clark were the first Americans to see the mountain in 1805, and the story continues from there.

I would invite any of you who would like to check out the wonderful information and pictures on these sites about Mt. Hood.

It is nice to get to cover something that comes from my area of the world for a change!

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