Sunday, October 16, 2011

This Day in History October 17, 107 A.D.

According to church history, on this date in 107 A.D., Ignatius of Antioch died.  I have heard of this person, but I actually knew nothing about him.  So let's learn about this great man of God together, shall we?

He was born in Syria, and he converted to Christianity.  He eventually became bishop of Antioch.   The Emperor of Rome, Trajan, visited Antioch in the year 107 A.D., and he made Christians choose between denying their faith and death.  Ignatius boldly refused to deny his faith, so the emperor arrested him and ordered him sent to Rome in chains.

En route to Rome, he wrote seven letters.  He never once tried to escape his martyrdom.  To quote from one of his letters, he wrote:  "...nearness to the sword is nearness to God; to be among the wild beasts is to be in the arms of God; only let it be in the name of Jesus Christ. I endure all things that I may suffer together with him, since he who became perfect man strengthens me."  This was written with the knowledge of the kind of death he would face.

When he arrived in Rome, the public spectacles of killing Christians was almost done.  According to church tradition, it was on this day in 107 that he was quickly thrown in to the arena and immediately devoured by two hungry lions.

When I read stories of martyrs, I am humbled.  So often, I sit here in my warm home in a free country and complain about my lot in life.  I am well-fed, and I have a job.  I have enough money to meet my needs and many of my wants.  I live in the most privileged country of the world, and I know Jesus as my Savior.  What do I have to complain about?  

Sadly, martyrdom is not a thing of the past.  It still goes on today, and one day I may face it.  May I have the same mindset as Ignatius and those who have gone on before.

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  1. You understand that not all of us enjoy the freedom here. But many are going through difficult suffering in other parts of the world right now, and we do need to pray for them too.

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