Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This Day in History October 27, 1954

While she is not the cultural icon she once was, I think many people still know who Marilyn Monroe was.  My dad is a huge fan--he used to have a whole collection of pictures and articles about her.  It was kind of strange coming from my dad who is totally clueless when it comes to women being sexy and all that stuff.  I am what one would call a "minor fan" of hers.  I prefer her dramatic roles to her musical comedy roles.  And I am one of those people that believes she was actually killed because she knew too much about the Kennedy administration, but that is another story.

On this date in 1954, she and Joe DiMaggio divorced.  (Sports buffs might know who he was.)  She wed the baseball star on January 14 of that year.  They were only married 9 1/2 months, and it was said that DiMaggio got tired of all the attention that his celebrity wife received.  Reportedly, DiMaggio did not even make an appearance in court.  She called her husband cold and indifferent, and the divorce was granted. It is also reported that her famous "subway dress scene" in The Seven Year Itch where her dress blew upwards revealing some of what was underneath sent him over the edge.  He became jealous and possessive, and Marilyn Monroe thrived on that publicity.

The story of Monroe is one of great tragedy, and she was a very talented, beautiful girl.  I have to admit that when you look at her figure back then, she was actually not the super-skinny, big-bosom model so many worship now.  It is so interesting how times and the concept of beauty changes over the years.

If you would like to read more about this event and Marilyn Monroe's life in general, check out these links:


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