Sunday, October 30, 2011

Satisfied Saturday (on Sunday) Week of October 31-November 6

Well, I bet you noticed (or maybe you didn't) that posts were sparse the past couple days.  I was gone to Women of Faith Conference in Seattle (look for a post about that today, too). So I am just getting to my recipes.

This week's recipes are taken from the following book:

If you are not familiar with this book, I suggest you check it out! And she has a website too!

Meal 1:  Garlic Pork Chops p. 173
Mashed potatoes, green beans

Meal 2:  Beef Curry with Raisins p. 135
Broccoli couscous

Meal 3:  Creamy Tortellini p. 58

Meal 4: Southwest Chicken Pasta Salad p. 62
Crescent Rolls

And I'll take something from her website for dessert:  (not really from her site but linked to it)


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