Monday, October 24, 2011

This Day in History October 25, 1764

On this day in 1764, the woman pictured above (Abigail Smith Admas) married the man below (John Adams, our second president). This marriage lasted an amazing 54 years!
When she married John Adams, he was a young lawyer.  Abigail was known for being a great historian of national events in her letters.  She and her husband corresponded quite regularly throughout all the important historical events--Continental Congress, Vice-Presidency, and more.

She was the first Second Lady and the second First Lady (although neither term was used until after her death). Following her husband's presidency, they retired to their family home for the next 17 years.  However, she was the mother of John Quincy Adams--our sixth president.

I think the thing that draws me to this story is that if you read between the lines, John and Abigail Adams had a loving relationship.  It seems that he was not a domineering husband (as so many were back then).  And she definitely loved and supported her husband.  When we say they were married 54 years, I think we could easily say that it was not a marriage of convenience but it was a marriage based on friendship and love.  They had the secret.  Too bad that most people don't have that kind of success.

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