Monday, October 17, 2011

Music Monday--Why Does the Music Industry Change the Musicians?

Well, tonight I do not have a CD review to post yet again.  After my last review, I went back to Taylor Swift again--I know, I know.  Guilty as charged yet again!  The turmoil in our family has been horrible, and her album always has a way of calming me.  I just received another CD in the mail today, so expect another review next week.

In lieu of a review, I thought I would write about something that really bothers me in the music industry.  Have you ever noticed how so many musicians start out very nice and somewhat humble and as they become successful, they change?  I am going to take a classic example, and you can disagree with me as strongly as you like.  But here goes.

Carrie Underwood is considered one of the most successful American Idol winners.  She was on Idol before I began watching it.  I had heard of it (who hadn't?), but I didn't know anything about it.  I remembered hearing Carrie Underwood, but I just  a minor country music fan at this point either.  My friend, Martin, even began talking about her.  He bought her album, but I just wasn't interested.

I remember sitting in the car waiting for him to finish up at the bank, and it just so happened that the song Jesus, Take the Wheel came on the radio.  I didn't know who sang it, but I liked the song.  I began paying attention to her.  I think I even looked up one or two of her videos.  And I taught about her at school.  So I began to gain an appreciation of her.

And then one of her next singles was???

I remember feeling very confused.  These two songs didn't go together.  But her next single was okay.  And then I began to see the pattern--one inspirational song, one "worldly" song.  And her worldly songs truly became horrid, in my opinion.

When I first saw this video, I was absolutely horrified!

I honestly wouldn't normally post this video, but I felt it was important to post.  My daughter loves this song and video.  Why?  Because it's got a good beat.  But the image that Carrie Underwood portrays is that of a prostitute.  Granted, she is much better clad than Lady GaGa or Beyonce, but it is clear that she is appealing to the masses and forsaking her former image.

This is when I decided I was through with Carrie Underwood.  If she did not profess to be a Christian, I probably would not have much of a problem with this video.  I wouldn't think it was a big deal.  But it bothers me when Christians or even just "nice people" go into the music business and then decide to change their image for the sake of selling more albums and appealing to more people.

To show that I have not completely sworn off Carrie, I loved her in Soul Surfer.  Her pristine image and Christian values were intact yet again.  But when will she release the next off-color video to attract more people?  I wish she were the sweet, unspoiled girl from a few years back.  I can even remember being terribly ashamed of her a couple years ago at one of the country award shows she co-hosted with Brad Paisley.  At the end, Taylor Swift received Entertainer of the Year.  Brad Paisley was genuinely happy for her, and what was Carrie's response?  "Well, don't you think everyone did a great job?''  I was pretty upset that she didn't at least acknowledge Taylor's success.  After all, it wasn't too many years prior to that that Faith Hill was jealous of her.

Now, before I end this, there are some who would say that everyone has to change.  Everyone has to compromise when they make it big.  Not true.  In addition to my favorite little star I often talk about (Taylor Swift, of course), I can add to this Josh Turner.  He is a country star who has made it and has refused to compromise.  In fact, he does not allow any profanity amongst the members of his tour when they are on the road together.

And he has not changed!

I can only hope and pray that the newest country additions from Idol will stay true to their beliefs.  Only time will tell.


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