Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This Day in History October 19, 1872

Okay, granted, this is probably a useless bit of historical fact, but maybe you'll be lucky enough to win a million dollars one day if you happen to know this historical fact which I shall reveal to you.  Did you know that on this day in 1872 that the world's largest single mass of gold was discovered?  Read on if you dare!  This is so exciting (and somewhat confusing).

On some sites, what I am about to report is called a gold nugget, but so many other places make it very clear that nugget is a misnomer.  It is instead a mass of gold.  Anyway,  this matrix, as it is called, was discovered in Australia (of all places!). Beyers and Holtermann were partners in setting up the Star of Hope Mine.  At 2 A.M. on the date written in the title of this post, a single mass of gold was discovered that was supposed to contain 3000 ounces of gold.  I don't understand all the measurements, so I am only listing what I understand.  It was crushed due to its immense weight, and some say it was actually larger than reported.

Here's the thing that fascinates me most of all.  Why on earth was this gold discovered in Australia?  Why not California or Alaska?  Shows you what I know about Australia--absolutely nothing.

Now, if you are totally confused, understand that I am writing at 11:00 P.M., I am very tired, and I wanted to find something just a little bit different to share with you.  Think of the people you can impress with this information today!  I'm sure your boss, your husband, your children, your neighbor, and the elderly lady at the grocery store will love this information.  Share it if you dare.

If you want to be really impressive, check out more information on this site.


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