Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This Day in History October 13, 2010

I wonder if you remember this story.  I know  I do.  I think the world followed it for some time.  Let's revisit it.

The Chilean miners entered the San Jose gold and copper mine August 5, 2010.  The mine collapsed where they were working, and the 33 miners moved to an emergency shelter that had a few days of rations.  Over the next 17 days, things become desperate.  Suicide and cannibalism were considered.   On August 22, a drill sent by the rescuers broke through the area where the miners were.  The miners sent back a note saying they were fine and signed it the 33.

Rations and medical supplies were passed down through this hole to the miners.  Video cameras were even able to enter the area where the miners were so that they could be seen.  Rescuers from all over the world rallied to figure out how to rescue the miners.  The miners themselves established a routine and jobs for each of them so that they could maintain order while awaiting rescue.

I have to admit that I doubted they would be rescued.  It seemed impossible.  I think many people all over the world felt the same way.  But the rescuers persevered.  They were able to drill and reinforce a rescue shaft to take the men out one by one.

The rescue process began on October 12--I remember watching it live, and maybe many of you did, too. Because the rescue shaft was 2,000 miles high, it took about 15 minutes to rescue each man. A cheering crowd and a worldwide audience greeted each of the miners.  The miners ranged in age from 19-63.   On this date in 2010, the last of the 33 were rescued.  All were in fairly good health, and several were rewarded with various trips.

I know there are all sorts of stories about these miners, and I won't cover these here.  Check out this site for more information.  And more detail, check here.

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  1. I remember this story. I also remember than one of the men was a little chunky and he ran to slim down to fit out the pipe.

    Have a wonderful day!



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