Thursday, March 15, 2012

This Day in History March 15, 1999

I remember learning about Pluto as I was growing up.  I even remember learning about the change in its orbit when Neptune would be the outermost planet from January 23, 1979.  And then there was the date that my daughter came home from preschool and told me that Pluto was not a planet.  Yes, I had already heard that. And then the scientists said that they may be wrong, and one day they may find out that Pluto really is a planet.  The joys and inconsistencies of science!

It was on this date in 1999 that Pluto went back to its rightful place in the galaxy. It is now again the outermost planet (albeit, a dwarf planet) in the galaxy.  And it will stay like that for the rest of my life.  I am not certain when that will change again, but it will be a long time.

For more information on Pluto, check out:


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