Saturday, March 3, 2012

This Day in History March 3, 1887

I was so excited to see the featured event for today!  It is about one of my favorite people!  On this date in 1887, Helen Keller met her teacher, Anne Sullivan.  I can remember reading all about Helen Keller as I was growing up.  It was as a result of reading about her and watching a couple films that I decided to learn the sign language alphabet--which I still know to this date.

I am still amazed to this day what Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan accomplished--long before the advent of technology.  Indeed, Anne Sullivan was a "miracle worker."  If you have never seen the film The Miracle Worker, I high recommend it.  My daughter saw the original with Anne Bancroft and Patty Duke, and she was glued to it.  That is an unbelievable version, but I also like the version with Patty Duke and Melissa Gilbert.  While the film takes a few liberties with the story, it captures the spirit of the story and maintains a few completely true scenes.  I find myself crying now every time I watch it.  It always gets to me when Helen finally learns that everything indeed has a name.

Due to all my research, I tend to believe that Helen Keller was a Christian.  I cannot guarantee it, mind you, but no matter what, God had to have been involved in this process.

For more information, here is one site to check out (although there are so many more!):


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