Thursday, March 8, 2012

This Day in History March 9, 1959

This was a very important day in history for me--as well as for so many girls.  Yes, I was a Barbie doll fanatic.  At one point, I had five Ken dolls (I was proud of that) and too many Barbies  to count.  I had other dolls like Barbie as well--Dream Dancer, she was one of my favorites!  And had it not been for Barbie making her debut on this date in 1959, I would not have experienced all this wonderful playtime as I was growing up.

Barbie was something that came into my world when I was in about the third or fourth grade.  I had an entire Barbietown, USA play world, and I very faithfully played with my Barbies.  In fact, I was a senior in high school before I completely put them away.  For me, they were an escape into a better world.  My childhood was nothing great.  People made fun of my singing voice.  And guys had no attraction to me whatsoever.  My friends were few and far between.

When I entered Barbietown, I could sing, dance, act in films, and so much more.  I could deal with tragedies, dreams, hopes, desires, and even relive good times.  I was very possessive of my Barbie dolls.  They had to keep their names, personalities, and stories, and we could not change them!  Of course, my Kens had to be schizophrenic, but I made sure it always worked well.

If you would like to read about Barbie doll history, check out the following link:


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