Monday, March 26, 2012

TigTagz Safety Shirts Promotion

Remember my review of TigTagz wristbands?  Well, this site has launched an incredible, new product.
Yes, it is the TigTagz Safety Shirt!  I will tell you that these look amazing.  And so cute.  I am certain my daughter would be quite loathe to wear them (she is almost 9), but if she had been younger, I would jump at these.  They are $16.99, and if you buy them in a 3-pack, you get a discount.  You can order them personalized or blank (and write the info with a black Sharpie).

In addition to the dog, you can choose the train
and the princess.
These shirts are available in 2T, 3T, 4T, and youth small.  Actually, that lets my daughter off the hook.  She is too big for them.

Now if only they would create one for adults for when we lose our minds in the company of kids!  Perhaps it could say "If my brain is lost, check under my left sleeve."  What do you think?  If only it were that easy!

Anyway, this company is definitely growing, and I recommend checking them out!


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