Saturday, March 17, 2012

This Day in History March 17, 461/493/492 A.D.

The years I have listed on the title might really confuse you, but don't be too confused.  It appears that our person of the day--St. Patrick--died on March 17, but it is unclear what year.  I found various dates.  I will do my best to share facts about this great saint, but much of what is known exists in legend.

He was born somewhere around 367 to a family in Britain that may or may not have been involved in the church.  One fact that everyone seems to agree on is that at the age of 16 (or thereabouts), he was captured by some Irish raiders and taken captive for six years.  He became a Christian at this time since his job was that of a shepherd--he was away from people.

Again, there are a lot of legends, but it is generally agreed that he was one of the first--if not the first--Christian missionary to Ireland.  March 17 appears to be the date of his death, but it is not certain the year of his death.

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