Monday, March 5, 2012

Update on My Reading Challenges--February

Yes, I am a day late doing this.  Actually, it will be two days late by the time I do this.  I got behind about a month ago after I finally got caught up after our power outage.  I wish so much that I could remain caught up.  I haven't even posted my challenges for this month.  Maybe later on this week I will.

For now, I would like to update my reading challenges for February.  I am participating in several challenges this year, so let's see how I am doing.

Okay, I cheated.  Yes, I did.  I read three books for fun in January, and when needed, I am putting those books in other months.  Disqualify me if you like!  I am trying to read a book for fun, but I have been swamped.  So I read a book on the very last day of January, and I am counting it for this month.
The Amazing Mom Book  by John MacIntyre.  I was quite disappointed in it.  I did post it in the goodreads group.

On to the historical fiction challenge.  I am pleased to say that I read four books for this challenge this month.

With This Kiss  by Victoria Lynne

The Third Son by Elise Marion

The Second Son by Elise Marion

Blue Moon Promise by Colleen Coble

7 books for this challenge as of the end of February.

Three books for the Ebook Challenge:

With This Kiss 
 by Victoria Lynne

The Third Son by Elise Marion

The Second Son by Elise Marion

9 books for this challenge.
Exactly the same as the historical challenge:

10 books so far for this challenge.

My favorite book this month:

Least Favorite Book:

I have read 20 of my 50-book challenge so far this year.  So here hoping I will do better this month!


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