Saturday, July 14, 2012

"Made to Crave" by Lysa TerKeurst Book Review, Home Bible Study, and Random Thoughts

Summary from goodreads:  According to bestselling author Lysa TerKeurst, craving isn't a bad thing, but we must realize God created us to crave so we'd ultimately desire more of Him in our lives. Many of us have misplaced that craving, overindulging in physical pleasures instead of lasting spiritual satisfaction. For a woman struggling with unhealthy eating habits, Made to Crave will equip her to: *Break the 'I'll start again Monday cycle' and start feeling good about herself today*Stop beating herself up over the numbers on the scale and make peace with the body you've been given*Discover how weight loss struggles aren't a curse but, rather, a blessing in the making*Replace justifications that lead to diet failure with empowering go-to scripts that lead to victory*Eat healthy without feeling deprived*Reach a healthy weight goal while growing closer to God through the processMade to Crave session titles include: Session 1: From Deprivation to EmpowermentSession 2: From Desperation to DeterminationSession 3: From Guilt to PeaceSession 4: From Triggers to Truth Session 5: From Permissible to BeneficialSession 6: From Consumed to CourageousBonus Session: Moving the MountainThe Made to Crave DVD is designed for use with the Made to Crave Participant's Guide.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
When I began this book, I almost wondered, "Why am I doing this? I am at a fairly healthy weight. I don't have a problem with food." But I like Proverbs 31 ministries, and I had done some other studies with them, so I decided I would give it a try.

From the beginning, Lysa's book spoke to me. I discovered that God made me to crave Him, nothing else. I had tried to fill my life with many other things except Him. And even if you don't have a weight problem, this book will speak to whatever you crave instead of God.

I appreciated Lysa's easy-to-read style, and I was convicted every time I turned around. Remember how I said food wasn't my problem? It wasn't. My issue was sex. And I was able to apply all the principles of this book to this particular issue.

I love the fact that this is not just another how-to book. It is all about getting your want-to. We were made to crave God, and this book will change your life if you let it!

I thought I would take a moment to tell you that God led me to lead this Bible study in my home.  We just completed the second week this morning, and although we only have three participants, it is a great group.

Our church is going through a difficult time right now.  Our pastor had to step down since he and his wife got separated.  We have had a great fill-in pastor, but you can imagine it has been a time of growing for our church.  All in all, things are going pretty well.

My mom and I teamed up together for this Bible study.  We both wanted a Bible study that was kid-friendly.  I have been a single mother for so long, and I know how it feels when all you can think about is if your child can come to an activity or if there is child care.  And normally there is no place for my daughter.  I am blessed that I can take her with me--she is used to it.  But that is not the case for every parent.

This Bible study has been a huge blessing to one of the ladies who has four children age nine and younger. Last week, they kept my mom and daughter very busy.  And this week, they were so excited about coming over.  And the mother finally can have some time to do a Bible study.

As I have been teaching the study, the DVD's have touched my heart.  And I have been very honest with the ladies.  I have faced my issues, and I found myself thanking God for this blog.  It is nice to have a place where I can come and share my thoughts and feelings.  And who doesn't love a giveaway?

If you get a chance, I recommend you pick up this book.


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