Saturday, July 14, 2012

More From Our Cats

Well, since my last cat picture post was pretty popular, I thought I would do another one.  Here's a little bit more about our various cats.

This is our truly feral mother cat, Stripey.  She is the one we cannot get into the vet to get spayed.  And she has given us three litters of kittens now.  She has three this time around.  Artsy is the one with orange on her. The calico one in the middle is Sissy.  And the big gray one on the end is Feisty.  We believe he is male and the other two we are pretty sure are female.  We'll see when we take them in.

Artsy and Sissy are the calmest ones.  Especially Artsy.  She has the sweetest disposition, and I believe she is the runt.  Sissy can be a little "hissy" at times, but she is pretty sweet.

You probably notice Sissy's right eye.  These kittens have pretty severe eye allergies.  I am constantly cleaning their eyes with some pads I got at Pet Smart the last time we had kittens.  The main problem is that Stripey, their mother, does not clean their eyes like she should.  This eye thing is a common problem amongst barn cats, and although these aren't barn cats, allergies are pretty bad out here in Yelm.

This is Pinto.  He is one of our sweetest cats.  You would never believe that he was born feral.  He loves to snuggle and be on my lap.  He has been known to follow me over the house while I am getting ready in the morning and even jump on the bathroom counter.  His mother was from Stripey's first litter.  We were so certain that his mother, Tiger, was male until she showed up with three kittens!  And her mom had a litter of five that she practically raised along with her own.  Stripey is not known for being a great mom, but her mom was worse!

And this is Bronze, Pinto's brother.  He loves my mom, and his disposition is also pretty sweet.  He does have a tendency to bite if you pet him for a while and don't do it just right.

You can tell how pleased my mom is to have him!

Next time, I will try to get our goats and our newts.


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