Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tea's Tea Summer Promo/Giveaway Through Labor Day

Enter on Facebook right now, and you can win a 2012 Hybrid Prius v2.  
Tea's Tea is a company I with whom I have worked before, and they are a great company!  The giveaway is called "Let the Good Times Roll," and it will continue running through September 4, 2012.  Tea's Tea is a product that will quench your thirst without adding loads of calories to it.  You can enter once a day! 

In addition to the much-sought after grand prize, there will also be these other fantastic prizes:

1st Prize: TREK Cruiser Bike
2nd Prize: Winner’s choice of an Otterbox® case for their mobile device
3rd Prize: Arctic Zone Cooler
4th Prize: TEAS’ TEA® Beach Towel
5th Prize: TEAS’ TEA® Tote
6th Prize: TEAS’ TEA® Beverage

I don't know about you, but this sounds like a good deal to me!  Go check it out, and if you win, let me know, okay?


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