Friday, July 13, 2012

This Day in History July 13, ????

Yeah, I know, you might have expected something related to Friday the thirteenth, but I thought I would do something a little bit different.  Today is National French Fries Day.  Like most "food holidays," no one really knows when this unofficial holiday began, but normally the food industry or people connected with the food industry propose days like this, and somehow it just sticks.

French Fries did not originate in France (surprise, surprise).  Anyone remember a few years ago when fast food places were boycotting the term "French Fries" and going with "Freedom Fries"?  I sure do.  Our Dairy Queen in Dallas, Texas had it on their reader board, and I always got a good chuckle out of it.  From what we can tell, "French fries" originated in Belgium in the 1600's.  In that area, they used to fry up small pieces of fish, but sometimes weather conditions made fishing dangerous.  Then they cut up potatoes (to resemble the fish) and fried them instead.

Some do say that the French "invented" them, but it would seem that they were accepting potatoes and fries long after Belgium did.  It took France a long time to accept potatoes.  They thought potatoes had diseases and only fed them to animals.  It was a famine in the late 1700's that caused potatoes to become popular.  It was actually Spain that introduced the potatoes.  And in Europe, "French Fries" are often known as "American Fries" due to our fast food restaurants that have popularized them. Quite an interesting tale, eh?

It is hard to know if there are special deals for this year's French Fries Day.  I'll let you do the research, but I will list a lot of links here at the end.  There are a lot of recipes to explore as well.  I will admit to preferring McDonald's French Fries if we are speaking of traditional fast food French Fries.  I will go for Arby's Curly Fries.  And our local Bunkhouse has the most amazing French Fries ever!  And I plan on eating French fries and fish sticks for dinner tonight.

One additional thing.  I read an article this morning (you will see it in the links) that said that McDonald's is the only "chain" vendor who will be allowed to sell fries at the Olympics.  The only exception that is being made is for local English vendors who are selling fish and chips.  If people are buying fish and chips together, that is acceptable.  But no chips by themselves!  I read this article before I realized what today's food holiday was!

Check out these links for fantastic information about French Fries and today's celebration:'s-fry-guy-giving-away-free-fries-coupons-in-bay-area-for-national-french-fries-day-


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