Tuesday, July 3, 2012

This Day in History July 3, 1839

Because I got confused and posted about July 2 today, I decided I had better rectify the situation by posting about what happened on this date in 1839.  This marks the date of the first "normal" school (public education) established in the U.S.  In Lexington, Massachusetts, Reverend Cyrus Pierce gathered together three female pupils, and thus, our public education system was born!

I find it ironic that this happened the date before July 4 (Independence Day) and in the middle of summer.  I can imagine it was hot, and people were thinking about July 4th even back then.  Imagine if this was declared a regular school day in this day and age--the kids and parents would be upset!

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  1. wow that is so interesting :) I do like learning new things.


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