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VBT: "Touched by Death" by Dale Mayer Guest Post/Giveaway (Ends 8/18) WW

Title: Touched by Death
Author: Dale Mayer
Publisher: Valley Publishing
Length: 90,000 words
Genre: Romance
Sub-Genre Romantic Suspense
Sub-Categories: Mystery/Thriller
Heat Level: Steamy (Hot sex scenes/language, but not explicit.)

Available at:

Death had touched anthropologist Jade Hansen in Haiti once before, costing her an unborn child and perhaps her very sanity. A year later, determined to face her own issues, she returns to Haiti with a mortuary team to recover the bodies of an American family from a mass grave.

Visiting his brother after the quake, independent contractor Dane Carter puts his life on hold to help the sleepy town of Jacmel rebuild. But he finds it hard to like his brother's pregnant wife or her family. He wants to go home, until he meets Jade - and realizes what's missing in his own life.

When the mortuary team begins work, it's as if malevolence has been released from the earth. Instead of laying her ghosts to rest, Jade finds herself confronting death and terror again. And the man who unexpectedly awakens her heart - is right in the middle of it all.

The women headed to the Iron Market and the few shops open along the way. The elegant mansions and townhomes spoke of days gone by. Once glorious in their regal bearing and bright colors, these buildings had taken a major knock from Mother Nature. Still, even with the damage from the earthquake, Jacmel was a tourist destination like no other. At least here, there were obvious revitalization attempts happening to get the city back on its feet.

The afternoon zipped by at a rapid pace – full of shopping, laughter and fun as the women ran from shop to shop and stall to stall buying a few items to make their job a little brighter and more comfortable. Jade was delighted to find several brightly colored t-shirts and cotton pants in a beige-khaki color. They would withstand a lot of wear and tear. At one brightly festooned stall, she found several hair clips big enough to hold her heavy blond hair off her neck.

If she'd had a little longer to prepare and pack, she'd have gotten a haircut. As it was, the clips would do for now. She could always get it cut here if she couldn't stand the heat. Meg's short curls looked perfect. And Susan's fine black bob that stopped at her chin also looked comfortable.

"Now that has to feel better." Meg patted Jade's hair clip. "Nice. Now I almost wish I had long hair myself. Almost." She grinned and picked up several clips. "I bet my sister would love a couple."

"Later, when it's time to go home. Too much to pack this early."

"You're right." Meg put it back with a sigh. "Too bad though."

As they headed back to the SUV Susan stopped at another brightly colored stall, one festooned with odd-looking handmade dolls. An old short and squat women – wearing so many necklaces, they almost obliterated the sight of her red blouse underneath – worked at the booth. The woman's black gaze latched onto Jade and never let go.

Jade moved to the other side of Susan in an effort to get away from that piercing stare. And came too close to the weird-looking straw and cloth dolls. She noticed the papier-mâché looking ones painted in black with weird markings…and many other items she couldn't begin to recognize. "What are these things?"

"Vodou paraphernalia."

Jade shuddered and took several steps back. "Not for me, thanks."

Susan shook her head vigorously. "No. You don't get it. This stuff is for good luck. Used to ward off bad spirits."

With a second shudder, Jade moved several steps back, shaking her hands in front of her. "I still don't want one."

Susan grinned and reached to pluck her choice off the top of the stall. "Well I do. Just what we need for the grave work."

The transaction was done in silence. The old woman accepting the money never took her eyes off Jade. Unsettled, Jade did everything to avoid her. She wished Susan would hurry.

Finally they were done. Jade turned to leave when the old women moved off her stool so quickly, Jade never would have believed it possible if she hadn't seen it herself. Before Jade could back away the old woman grabbed her by the arm.

"Danger stalks you. You see it but you don't understand it. Careful. Or you will join those that have gone before." She dropped Jade's arm and returned to her stool beside her cart.

Jade froze. So shocked and horrified by the crone's touch, she hardly understood what the old woman said.

Meg grabbed her arm. "Come on," she hissed. "Forget about her. Let's get back to the SUV."

Susan snagged her other arm so the three walked back linked together.

"That was too weird," Meg said. "I'm glad you got a doll, Susan. Good luck is just what we need."

Posted reviews from satisfied readers!
This book had so many twists and turns and I can honestly say that the ending truly surprised me! I was not expecting it to end the way it did so kudos to Ms. Mayer for keeping the suspense up until the ending. There are mentions of voodoo in the story but because this is Haiti, how can there not be? However, these do not take over the story and the evil in this story is purely human. This was a great mystery entwined with a good love story and just enjoyable all the way around. (Kmoaton)

Another well written, suspenseful book that's come to be expected, by Dale Mayer. Her characters come alive and the story literally jumps off the pages. A mix of devastation from the earthquake in Haiti to painting a picture of the beauty that was untouched by it with a smattering of Haitian spiritual beliefs thrown in. Highly recommend. (Janet Fedor)

Dale Mayer has done it again. She's written an amazing, page-turning book that's unlike any other book I've read. I can't imagine any other author setting a book in Haiti after a devastating earthquake - and pulling it off so brilliantly. I cared about Jade and Dane. They felt like real people in trouble. I admired them and wanted them to be safe and happy.

I'm good at guessing endings, but this book kept me in suspense up to the end. I already want to read Mayer's next book! (E.S. Rose)

Guest Post:

Stones – for creativity

I've long been fascinated with stones. I've blogged about them, written articles on them because there are so many different and all uniquely fascinating ones. I have a huge rock garden, benches in the garden made from oversized boulders and I always have a bowl of stones on my desk.
Why? I love the colors, the texture differences and the feel of the various stones in my hands. I often play with one in my hands while I think. Sometimes I roll a small flatish stone around my fingers before I start work to limber the muscles and tendons before I blast through another few thousand words.
Whatever the reason, I like to have them around. When I go for walks, hikes, camping trips, inevitably I return with my pockets overflowing. They make me smile and for that alone, they are priceless. But I'm not the first person to feel this way about stones. Of course, gemstones have made women smile since time began. And NO! Contrary to my kids perpetual comments, I am not old enough to remember when that was...J Stones have been used throughout the ages in various forms for healing, inspiration, creativity – anything that will help make us feel better - may it be physical, mental or spiritual.
Recently I was sorting through my bowl and decided to look up the meaning and uses of some of them. I've researched them before, but always need the reminder.
The ones that pertain to me and this blog are stones that heal and stones that fire creativity. As a writer, anything that helps me to stay focused and productive is a good thing. That these stones all come in wonderful colors and shapes adds to their interest. You can get these rocks raw, polished, as beads, eggs, and jewelry. Put them on your desk, keep them in your pocket, wear them around your neck. They response and warm to your touch.
Creativity is not just for writers – but these particular rocks are touted as being able to help:
  • Writers get past writer's block
  • Artists to open up to their imagination
  • Parents looking for a creative avenue to dealing with family problems
  • Teachers looking for inspiration on ways to better present material to the classroom
  • Anyone involved in a creative project such as a scrapbooking, sewing, quilting, community projects, etc.
Let's take a closer look at a few of these:
Carnelian – this deep orange reddish colored stone, once valued by nobles, increases your daily energy but is especially noted for increasing your creative energy.
Lolita – this blue violet colored stone has long been used by mariners as a compass to guide their way through the sea. The rocks when held the northern and southern skies which show different hues of blue – allowing them which direction to travel. It's believed to help unlock creativity within us.
Chalcedony – a sacred stone of many North American Indians, is a variety of mineral quartz and comes in many colors including blue, lavender, pink, red, brown, gray, cream and white. It is considered the stone of orators. It has the ability to enhance communication and translation of ideas into action.
Sodalite – is a dark blue stone with white flecks of calcite interspersed. It's available in many forms however the pyramid form of this stone is known to remove writer's block. The pyramid shape helps to amplify and focus energy. The stone in other forms will help but not as effective for this particular issue. It's always a good idea to have a sodalite around, or many, as they add peace to your surroundings.
Now I can't tell you if the stones help me to write better or faster. But because I like to have them around, and enjoy looking at them, they make me calmer. Happier. A happy writer is a productive writer.
So bring on the rocks!

About the Author:
Dale Mayer is a prolific multi-published writer. She's best known for Tuesday's Child, Hide'n Go Seek, her romantic suspense novels that was one of the final four in the Kensington Brava/Romantic Times contest this last year. Besides her romantic suspense/thrillers, Dale also writes paranormal romance and crossover young adult books in several different genres.  To go with her fiction, she also writes nonfiction in many different fields with books available on resume writing, companion gardening and the US mortgage system. She has recently published her Career Essentials Series . All her books are available in print format as well.

To find out more about Dale and her books, visit her at Or connect with her online with Twitter at and on Facebook at


Psychic Vision Series
Tuesday's Child
Hide'n Go Seek
Maddy's Floor

Single Title Romantic Suspense/Thrillers
Touched by Death – out now!

It's a Dog's Life- romantic comedy

Young Adult Books
Dangerous Designs – Book I
Deadly Designs – Book 2 – out soon!
Vampire in Denial – Book I of Blood Ties
Vampire in Distress – Book 2 out soon!
Gem Stone Mystery Series- out soon!
In Cassie's Corner- soon

Non-Fiction Books
Career Essentials: The Resume
Career Essentials: The Cover Letter
Career Essentials: The Interview
Career Essentials: 3 in 1
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