Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fall Into Fall Giveaway Hop (Ends 9/23) U.S.

Welcome to the Fall Into Fall Giveaway Hop. This Giveaway Hop is hosted by Andersons Angels and The More the Merrier. This Event features everything under the sun you could want or need! Each blog has gathered up a unique Prize Package of $25 or more so be sure to visit each blog from the linky below and enter for your chance to win some really amazing prizes! This event will end on September 23rd at 11:59pm 

For my giveaway, I have two fantastic prizes to offer just in time for the fall.  Read both of my reviews below.

You may have seen this product elsewhere, and now I am reviewing it.  Are your teeth as white as you would like?  Have you tried those other teeth whitening products?  Let me invite you to check out Brilliantly Simple Led Whitening System..  Smile Brilliant, the company that makes this product, is a national dental lab that helps its customers get white teeth without even visiting the dentist! If you have ever checked into how much it costs to get your teeth professionally cleaned, you probably know that it is pretty pricey.  I go to the dentist once a year, but there is no way I will ever pay for a professional teeth whitening service!

I will admit that I wasn't even sure that I wanted to try this product.  I have heard about home teeth whitening services for many years, and I am very skeptical.  I wasn't really that interested in them.  But since I am a blogger who likes to try things out, and other moms were trying it out, I figured I would give it a try.

Let me tell you that I was absolutely amazed!  Sorry I don't have before and after pictures, but this made a big difference on my teeth.  It was a simple process, and it only took about 20 minutes or so.  The LED light is what sets this system apart.  And it worked!  Before I used this system, I had some pretty nasty stains on my my front teeth, and this lightened up those stains!  I definitely look forward to using this so my teeth will remain white.  

This product has several features you may not find in other at-home whitening systems.  The batteries are included for the LED light (that is big--trust me!).  It has a 30-day money-back guarantee.  And the tray has a lifetime replacement warranty!  All together, this costs just $39.95.  Oh, and wait a minute.  Take a look at this coupon!

If you want 20% off your order, use this coupon--it takes nearly $8 off your order!  Where else can you get a teeth whitening system that works like this, comes with all these guarantees, and has such a reasonable price?  I honestly recommend this to all of my readers because it works!

Soft Scrub has been a long-trusted name in cleaning products.  I can remember as I was growing up that Soft Scrub was the only thing that would work on our sinks to clean them without scratching them up!  This was the only cleaner that we really trusted to clean our bathroom and kitchen as I was growing up.  I was just telling my mom that I can't believe after all these years that I still remember that!

Well, Soft Scrub has done it again!  I recently got to review their Soft Scrub Total Bath and Bowl and Soft Scrub Total All-Purpose Cleaner.  These products clean really well without scratching anything.  My mom loved getting to test them on our bathrooms.  They cleaned in the best tradition of Soft Scrub.  Soft with no scratching.  Our only problem is that we now live in the country, and we have hard water.  Although it was hard to do, we agreed to let my brother and sister-in-law have these because they were in more need of them then we were.
Our favorite thing was the toilet bowl cleaner because it was able to clean expertly under the rim.  It is so nice to know that Soft Scrub still works as well as it always has!

So are you ready for the giveaway?
One U.S. reader will win three coupons for a free Soft Scrub Total cleaning product--don't worry the coupons don't expire until July of next year.  And that same U.S. reader will also win the LED Teeth whitening system.  So be sure to enter my giveaway by September 23 at 9 P.M. Pacific time by entering the rafflecopter below.  And don't forget to hop on to the other blogs to win even more giveaways!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

My Devotional Thoughts,Andersons Angels, The More the Merrier and the Fall Into Fall Giveaway Hop bloggers are not responsible for sponsors that fail to fulfill their prizes.  

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