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Promotional Book Tours Presents "Cursed Heroes" by William D. Ollivierre Excerpt

 Cursed Heroes, The Beginnings
Cursed by God himself theses poor souls must forever wonder the universe in bodies that are
forever aging. However, they have turned their curse into their strength, as they fight against
every power in this universe to protect those that cannot protect themselves.
Fighting with everything they have, single handedly taking on vast armies, even if it means they will be beaten to a bloody wreck they will still stand and fight. They shake planets to their very cores, darken the stars, and moving
entire star systems, all for the protection of the universe, they are The Brothers Will, and they never back down. Now come join the fight as you learn how it all began.

I would say that if you like science fiction and fantasy, this would be a book for you to check out!  And make sure you enter the giveaway!  Read about it below.

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Excerpt from The End, from Cursed Heroes The  Beginnings

Two hours remained on the timer and all but 24 and Ten Thousand had reverted to their true age. All but the two of them were still in perfect control they had lock themselves into a deep state of mediation. They were holding the link in place, as the powers of the other members surged wildly out of control; they pushed it back under control keeping the link from breaking.
Their bodies were approaching the point where their minds would began to be effected now. One hour left and the voting would be over, the time moved even slower as every member pushed with everything they had left. They pushed and pushed pumping out every bit of energy they could, as 24 and Ten Thousand did everything they could to hold the net together. But their minds were starting to fade, they were losing control of the link with each passing second. Soon they would break down and loses it all.
The votes were coming in and peace was winning, but it didn’t look as though the alliance would last. 24 began to slip and he reached a point where he lost control, in his last moment of control his mind cried out for help. 24’s mind was gone and Ten Thousand was close behind him.
Then something happened that no one expected. The link began to get stronger and stronger. It stabilized itself, they had gotten the help they needed from the people of the galaxy. The computer system had detected 24’s failing mind and found a way to help; it urged everyone that wanted peace to focus on helping The Brothers Will. And for the first time in history, they were the ones being saved by the people they were there to protect. Five minutes left and Ten Thousand lost control of his mind and his powers. As the energy surged from his body like a super nova, it was directed by the combined will of the galaxy.
Something happened that was not expected or even thought possible. The surging power from Ten Thousand surged along the link between The Brothers Will. The Star-core’s that linked them transfer the energy to the other members. However, the energy was different from the raw power that was expected. The mind of Ten Thousand had one last thought before it faded. That thought was to protect his brothers and to heal them, he was a doctor at his core and even at the last moment, he was still trying to do just that and he did. The energy rippled through the alliance reversing the aging process and restoring the members.
The members of The Brothers Will began to gain their strength back one by one and as they did, they gave everything they had. Pushing all their power and will into the network. Ten Thousand and 24 had given everything to save not only them but the galaxy as well, but they weren’t going to let them die without a fight.
“Zero” the computer display on Techatron 24 flashed in large twenty-foot letters. “Peace has been chosen”

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