Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Fall Y'All Sponsor Spotlight

In a very short time, I will be posting a giveaway (I'm a little behind), but I had a couple reviews still to do, so I figured I would post this first.

I had the pleasure of reviewing a wonderful product called KidsLac.  My daughter is one who has had digestive issues almost from day one.  We supplement her diet already with Fiber, and constipation has been an issue now and then.  I was glad to discover this product because it targets the child's digestive system and works to make it healthy.  How does it do that?  Read on!

KidsLac contains five strains of healthy bacteria to help kids' digestion to run smoothly.  This is probiotics for kids with a twist.  How many times has your child cringed at the thought of yet another vitamin or pill they have to take?  I don't remember how many supplements my daughter takes per day, and adding one would just make her groan.

When you take one of these little packets, your kids will not equate this with vitamins and pills.  Why?  They are little packets with sour-apple-flavored sugar crystals!  Your child can eat the packets like candy, or you can still them into yogurt or fruit drinks.  Your children won't even know they are partaking of something healthy.

I will warn you that your child may not be instantly smitten with KidsLac.  My daughter loves sour candy, but she almost could not ingest the packet the first time she tried it.  I had to contact the company (and they were very gracious), and they advised me on how to get her to take it.  And when I stirred it into vanilla-flavored yogurt, she was willing to eat it.  She said she still could taste it, but I could tell that continuing to work with her and get her used to KidsLac would work.  My daughter is nine, and she has always been a picky eater.  We had the same problem a while back when we introduced a new supplement, and she did not like one of the flavors.  In time, she learned to accept it, and it is no longer a problem.  So that is what we are doing with KidsLac, and each time she tries it, it gets easier.  And for the record, I tried them, too, and the flavor does take some getting used to.  It's not bad-tasting--just different.

What are the benefits of probiotics?  Especially with kids, it helps them absorb the nutrients in their foods better.  It also boosts their immune system.  And if your child has been prescribed antibiotics, probiotics are essential to rebuilding the good bacteria in your child's system.

When you check out their website, be sure to follow them on facebook and twitter to receive the latest news!

I also had the opportunity to review an amazing amount of products from Goat Milk Stuff.  This is a much tardier review that I would like for it to have been since somehow my order did not get filled, and then it did, and then they ran out of the item, and then it finally arrived with extra stuff!

Goat Milk Stuff makes the absolutely best goat's milk soap on the earth.  Since we now own four goats (and we don't milk them), I am even more intrigued by their products.  The founders of the company originally bought two goats in 2005 with the idea of providing raw milk for their family.  By 2008, they expanded, and their goats follow a strict diet which includes no hormones or antibiotics.  You can rest assured that the items you are receiving are the finest in the country if not the world!

The prize package I received was so large that I have not had a chance to review everything.  The box smelled so good as I opened it, and I was completely blown away by how wonderful everything was.  I am still using the first product I tried--the Lavender Essential Oil Soap!  
I am not a fan of bar soap, but I love this stuff!  I use it at the end of each shower to put moisture into my skin.  I tend to have dry skin, and even when I use lotion after the shower, I often have itchy skin.  I can honestly say I no longer have that problem.  It is just like rubbing lotion on my skin when I use this at the end of the shower.  I lather up (and the soap lathers really well), and when I rinse off, my skin is protected and moisturized.  This is really nice after my legs have been shaven because they are often quite sensitive and sometimes even nicked.  This helps my skin to heal quickly.

I look forward to trying the rest of the soaps, the lip balm, and the scented bath fizzy!  The fragrance in of itself is amazing, and they have practically any scent you can imagine!

While you check out their items, be sure to follow them via social media:

I was sent free products from the companies listed in exchange for my honest review.  I was not financially compensated, and all opinions are 100 percent mine.


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