Friday, September 21, 2012

Infographic: Problems Recent Graduates are Facing

I am posting this because I have to admit I fit into this category. I have joined the ranks of those living with Mom and Dad, but it's not for the reasons stated here. But I have to say that is a situation that has become increasingly common.
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  1. I like this, it is very true!
    I lived with my parents for 4 years. I am still in college and now I have a family of my own and I will be so in debt when I graduate that I wonder if I might end up with my parents again.

    Not that I am not busy enough between family, school and work, I applied for a part time job a few months ago. The manager was about 12 years old and told me I wouldnt be a good fit for the position as I had too much education.

    Thanks for sharing this!


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