Thursday, November 1, 2012

Starlooks Present Starbox October Review

Have you ever heard of Starbox by Starlooks?  I have had the supreme pleasure of reviewing three months worth of this fantastic service.  For $15, you get a special box every month filled with fantastic make-up, and what woman (or teenage girl) doesn't like make-up?  They always wrap these packages very nicely, and as you can see, the make-up is worth more than the $15 a month.  You get 3-5 items per month, and that make-up will always be high quality.

Starlooks is a site that has all your make-up needs in one convenient site.  Do you want to do your make-up like the stars?  This is the site to check out!  You can buy specific make-up, but the better deal is this monthly box service.  You can even buy past boxes, if you are interested.  While you cannot guarantee what will be in each box, you know that you are saving more than 50 percent on each box!

I had the privilege of trying three out of the four items in the box.  I haven't tried the eye tattoos yet--you'll see pictures of that at the end of the review.  I got to review some purple eye pigment, gold eyeliner, and a fantastic lipstick.  I was afraid I would not like the pigment--I thought it might be too dark.  I had never used anything like that, but I had no trouble getting just the right look with it.
And the gold eyeliner (probably my favorite item in the box) went with this perfectly.  I plan to continue using that eyeliner in the future. I was afraid that the lipstick might be too dark, but it was great!

I was pretty impressed with it.  It was the ideal shade and looked much lighter on my lips.

I was unable to use this item.  Being quite honest,  may never use it, but my daughter may.  

I think this is the ideal service for men to give their wives, girlfriend, etc.  I also think it would work well for mothers to give to their daughters.  Especially in college.  It would be a perfect monthly gift for any special girl in your life, and it is so easy!

My only complaint--it is not bad, honestly--is that I wish there were a way to pick skin pigmentation.  If they were able to have three shades of skin tones--fair, medium, and dark--I think more people might be willing to get this service.  Some of the items I have received are specifically for darker-skinned people than me, and I just think it would ensure that the items that come each month  have a better chance of working with the complexion of the recipients.  Just my opinion!

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I received the above products through Sublime Media Connection in exchange for an honest review. In no way was I asked to give a positive review.


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