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Teas' Tea Green Tea Review

TEAS' TEA Unsweetened 16.9 oz $1.99
Enjoy the refreshing purity of nature with ITO EN's TEAS' TEA. Made with nothing but purified water, high-quality tea leaves, and vitamin C, TEAS' TEA is meant to revitalize and renew. Available in several varieties, TEAS' TEA is high in antioxidants, unsweetened, and calorie-free. Give your body the very best.
Flavors: Rose Green, Green Jasmine, Golden Oolong, Lemongrass Green, Green White, Mint Green, Pure Green.
TEAS' TEA Low Calorie 16.9 oz $1.99
Purified water, high quality tea leaves, naturally sweetened with a touch of cane sugar
. Just 40 calories per serving. Natural "catechin" tea antioxidants. All natural.
Flavors: Blueberry Green, Mango Oolong, Lemon Black.

TEAS' TEA Classic 16.9 oz $1.99  
Flavors: Country Peach, Crisp Apple.

Today, people are looking for a deeper meaning and connection also through their purchases. One way they find this is by purchasing products from companies that are committed to a better planet, and socio-economic betterment - companies that are about more than making money. 

This month ITO EN & Whole Planet Foundation (Whole Foods Market's non-profit initiative), are bringing awareness to the poverty alleviation programs throughout the nation.

ITO EN is one of the original partners with Supplier Alliance for Microcredit to fight poverty around the world. The Supplier Alliance for Microcredit is an alliance of natural foods companies that has collectively pledged $1.05 million to support microlending programs which offer small, collateral-free business loans to the very poor, with a focus on women. With a microcredit loan, an impoverished woman entrepreneur can start or expand a home based business and create the opportunity to lift herself and her family out of poverty.

Socio-economic and planetary betterment is part of ITO EN's DNA from green tea health benefits research, recycling waste, to reuse of the elements if production (such as making vending machines 
and park benches our of recycled tea leaves).  More about ITO EN's sustainability involvement

VIDEO by Jim Hoagland, ITO EN SVP speaks about ITO EN & the commitment and partnership with Whole Planet Foundation to alleviate poverty.

A Case from Malawi: Salome, A Microcredit Client of MicroLoan Foundation 

Salome, left, is a microcredit client of MicroLoan Foundation in Malawi.  She is a 32 year old mother of six children, two of which are hers and four of which are AIDs orphans she’s adopted. She lives in a one room hut in a rural area, many miles from the nearest town. In the past Salome struggled to feed, clothe and care for her children, and herself. With her microcredit loan her yield per acre has quadrupled, she has been able to purchase fundamental farming tools, she can afford to send all six children to secondary school and she is equipped with essential farming and business skills.  WPF partner MicroLoan Foundation provides her and the other Microcredit clients training, technical advice and financial services in order to become effective local producers and suppliers of agricultural produce.

Salome explains that: “It feels very important, to me, that the MicroVentures project is not simply about giving people money or setting up new businesses. It is about finding people who are working hard to feed their families and making their business more sustainable and more efficient and so helping to create affluent individuals who can in turn provide jobs and incomes for others in their communities. “Look at me” she tells us, “I am happy and the children in my house are happy.”

MicroLoan Foundation is strengthening its agricultural programs in Malawi in partnership with an international fund called FICA, which is helping clients to build relationships with national Malawian food retailers, along with local hotels and restaurants, so they can strengthen their place in the value chain.

Indeed this company offers authentic and high-quality green tea products, and they also make a difference in many areas in terms of recycling the tea leaves in their production and working with specialized organizations to alleviate world poverty

I feel so privileged to work with such a fantastic company that truly does care about making a difference in this world.  I got to review two of their special tea drinks--unsweetened green tea and low calorie sweetened black tea.  I will tell you that I preferred the low calorie drink the best although it was not quite as sweet as I prefer.  However, after working out, it was perfect!  It really hit the spot.  I had to add splenda to the unsweetened, but if definitely had a good flavor.  I was also sent a reusable shopping tote with their logo.  So I could not complain.

So are you ready to get your own tea drinks?  You can buy Teas' Tea at Whole Foods Market nationwide and also online at


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