Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This Day in History July 11, 1804

This was one of those strange days in history.  Hopefully, you have heard of Alexander Hamilton, the man responsible for our monetary system and a brilliant man indeed.  He and Vice-President Aaron Burr had a bitter political and person struggle that came to a head on this date.

Things were not going well for Burr politically, and Hamilton publicly opposed him and his views.  So Burr challenged him to a duel.  Of course, Hamilton had to accept.  So on this date in 1804, the duel happened.  Both men fired a shot.  Burr was fine, but Hamilton was mortally wounded--he died the next day.

As far as Burr goes, he never held political office again.  He was also charged with two counts of murder.  What a waste, in my opinion!  Hamilton was such a great leader, and Burr was impotent at best.  Indeed a sad story.

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