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RABT: "Freefall" by Susan Rae Book Review/Excerpt/Giveaway (Ends 9/3) WW


Romantic Suspense
Title: Freefall
Author: Susan Rae

Date Published: June 22, 2012


Freak accident, or attempted murder? Kate needs answers to her brother’s plane crash,
but can she trust undercover DEA agent “Spike” Larsen to deliver them?

Kate Reynolds’s quest to unravel the mystery of her brother’s plane crash throws her into
the turbulent wake of suave pilot/mechanic Everett Larsen. His gray gaze ignites in her a
passion as powerful as a jet stream, but it also sparks a memory—one she can’t quite reel
in. A bitter divorce has taught her to trust no man, so how can she trust Larsen?

Drawn by a cryptic message Keith left on his answering machine, Everett “Spike” Larsen
flies to Milwaukee for answers, but he is unprepared for the torrent of emotion he feels
when he sees Kate—after his wife’s death, he thought himself no longer capable of such
emotion. He is afraid to give into his feelings for Kate—afraid to love again. But when
Kate insists on helping out at her brother’s aircraft repair shop and gets too close to the
truth, he is even more afraid to lose her.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Well, I was proven wrong again.  I began this book with the idea that it would not be a big deal, and I may just only like it minimally.  The story was good enough, but it wasn't going to be anything truly spectacular.  Please notice that I write all that in the past tense.  Why?  Read on!

This was a fantastic mystery with so many twists and turns that I honestly lost count!  I thought I might have it figured out, and just about that time, the author threw in another shocker.  I was glad to discover that some of my assumptions were right, but I sometimes found that I was second-guessing myself.  I am glad to say that this mystery resolved itself in a very appropriate way, and I sincerely thank the author for that.

From the beginning, I honestly was drawn into the story.  I enjoyed Kate, and who could resist Keith and Everett?  The action was virtually non-stop.  I don't recall there ever being a dull moment.  For a short book, it surely packs a mean punch.

The only issues I had with the book was some mild profanity and some mild bedroom scenes.  But those issues truly did not interfere with my enjoyment of the book.  And for the hopeless romantics, this will appeal to you as well.  If you like a good mystery/suspense with a little bit of romance, this is for you!

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.  I was not financially compensated, and all opinions are 100 percent mine.

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freefall by Susan Rae:  Excerpts

The pilot gazed off into the clear blue Midwestern sky for a final safety
check to make sure no planes were coming in. Satisfied all was clear, he
thrust the throttles forward.
“Okay baby, here we go!”
The plane’s powerful engines roared. The twin-engine Comanche started
to roll, slowly at first, and then quickly gained momentum. The pilot’s blood
raced as the ground flew past him. An excitement he found nowhere else coursed
through his veins. He pulled back on the column, knew the moment the wheels
left the ground, and smiled in wonder — no matter how many times he did this,
the rush was always the same.
The plane soared up past the terminal, up over the hangars and the landlocked
cars in the parking lot below. As the Comanche gained altitude, the pilot
marveled at the sleek phenomenon of speed slowing down.
Then all hell broke loose…

Her high heels beat a steady tattoo across the tile floor as she made her
way toward the sign that read “Surgical Intensive Care”…
“Excuse me,” she said, her voice sounding amazingly calm despite the butterflies
that swept and dove in her stomach. “I’m Kate Reynolds. I’m here to
see my brother.”
The nurse glanced up and then spoke to another nurse who was in conversation
with a man who stood just a few feet from Kate. “Julie, the sister’s here.”
Kate looked over to them. Almost as one, they turned to gaze at her. Both
seemed to hesitate, and then the nurse smiled — but her eyes took on a sympathetic
cast. Kate’s heart skipped a beat.
“My brother, Keith…is he…?” Her words trailed off, and she swallowed,
unable to voice her greatest fear. The trip from San Francisco to Milwaukee had
taken a long, grueling, and quite turbulent seven hours. During her layover in
Denver, she’d checked in with the hospital. Keith was in surgery, and although
his condition was grave, he was still alive — then.
“Your brother is holding his own, Miss Reynolds,” the nurse assured her.
“At least for now.”
Kate’s knees began to buckle. She hadn’t realized until now that she’d been
holding her breath.
The man reached for her, grabbed her arm, steadied her.
She stared down at his hand, strong and masculine. She was stunned by his
touch, stunned by her own weakness. This weakness wasn’t like her. It was just
that it was all so much like that other time — the time her parents had crashed
in their experimental plane. She was nine. Her parents had died. Then, just a
few years ago, she’d thought she’d lost Keith, too.
Everett Larsen stepped up to the glass partition, careful not to draw attention
to himself. Glancing at the monitor, he studied it briefly and then allowed
his gaze to settle on the woman seated beside the bed.
So this was Keith’s little sister, he thought. He knew he shouldn’t have
allowed himself to come face-to-face with her earlier. It was a mistake. Still,
despite the shell-shocked look in those blue eyes, there was no denying the fact
that Kate Reynolds had blossomed into one helluva woman.
His cell phone vibrated at his side. Cell phones weren’t allowed in this part
of the hospital — he should have turned it off. He glanced at the incoming
number. He’d make it short.
“Larsen here,” he said quietly.
He listened to the guy on the other end for a few seconds.
“Great. You’ll let me know the minute you find something.”
Again he listened.
“Right. Thanks.”
Returning the phone to its holster, he turned back to the room. This time,
it was Keith he studied. Just what had Keith been up to?

Author Bio
I write, basically, because I just can’t help myself. I can't resist the challenge of taking
the intriguing characters and storylines that pop into my head and fleshing them out into
compelling manuscripts. Romantic suspense is a natural to me, because it allows me to combine
my love of a good mystery with a passionate love story. It also lets me express my appreciation
for the outdoors in the settings which I recreate on the page.

My first novel, heartbeats, is a story of romance and danger set against the background
of busy Chicago and the quiet, rural cornfields of northern Illinois. heartbeats has garnered
numerous awards, including RWA Golden Heart Finalist for Best Romantic Suspense Novel and
Best First Book by First Coast Romance Writers.

In freefall, my second novel, danger and suspense are juxtaposed against the tranquil
valley of Sylvan Lake (fictitious) in the Kettle Moraine Forest and the sun-dappled waters of
Door County, Wisconsin.

When I’m not sketching characters or working out plot problems, you might find me
on the golf course working on my handicap. I also enjoy traveling around the country seeking
out new settings for my novels with my husband and my empty nest puppies, Ginger and

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One person will win an e-book of Freefall, and the giveaway is open worldwide.  But hurry up and enter!  Giveaway ends September 3!  Just enter on the rafflecopter below.

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