Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Glass Dharma, The Original Glass Straw

So how many of you out there like straws?  I know I do, and so does my daughter.  Every time you go out to eat, you get those wonderful plastic straws that are thrown away later, adding to the landfill problem of our world.  And inevitably, my daughter or I will get the straw that is broken, and you have to wait forever to get another one!  When at home, you might be surprised if you saw me, but I have been known to miss my mouth when drinking something--especially something that is very thick like a smoothie or a frozen coffee.  Plastic straws are nice but are not always the easiest nor the cheapest to keep on hand.

Let me introduce you to a wonderful company:  Glass Dharma.  They are the makers of the original glass straw.  They have been around since 2007, and they have continued their steady growth.  At the beginning of this year, their shipping numbers were 200,000 worldwide.  That sounds pretty good, but their goal is much loftier.  They want to provide glass straws to two percent of the world's population which works out to be about six million straws!

When I first heard about glass straws a couple year ago, I will admit that I was skeptical at best.  Glass Dharma was that company, and I just couldn't believe that someone would use a product like this.  In fact, the only reason I got a chance to try them was that I won a giveaway.  My mom was skeptical as well, but we were both willing to try them.

If you look at this picture, you can see the lovely glass jar/vase in which we now store our glass straws.  Do you think we have become believers?  Oh yes!  My mom and I both absolutely love to drink our frozen coffees and more with these straws, and we honestly don't know what we did without them!  My daughter loves the smaller ones.  In fact, I think she was the first one to try them.

Some people might wonder why I would want to use a glass straw?  Well, there are the obvious reasons--recycling, landfill, environmentalism.  But let me tell you some things about these straws.  It is fun to drink with them.  And you know how some plastic straws are too skinny when you are drinking something thick?  These glass straws come in various sizes, and they have straws that are wide enough to allow you to drink those thick drinks.  In fact, I even use them to stir up my drink because they are sturdy enough.  Could a plastic straw ever do that?

You may be wondering how strong they are.  Well, they do not easily break, but I will tell you a story.  I did break one recently.  I felt so horrible because these are such beautiful straws, and I was reviewing them.  But then I remembered the guarantee by the company.  I have the pieces ( I can tell you that the glass did not shatter--which was nice) in a box almost ready to ship back to the company, and as long as I pay the shipping, they will replace it!  Caution--this does not mean that you "test" these straws by trying to break them.  Don't abuse this guarantee because as far as I am concerned, this is going far above the call of duty.

Right now, these glass straws are only available in selected stores and online.  You can check out that information here.  And you can check out their FAQ's here.

Bottom line, I highly recommend Glass Dharma's glass straws.  They have all sorts of designs and sizes.  I would recommend getting one of their cleaning brushes to go with them.  Some straws come with those, and some don't.  While it is generally easy to clean these without a straw, if you drink a smoothie or something you like that, the cleaning brush does help.  And I highly recommend the Bend Straws.  They are my ultimate favorites!  My mom prefers the Simple Elegance.  And my daughter loves the Decorative Dots.  You can see all the different sizes and styles on their site.

And while you're checking all that out, you will want to follow them via social media:

Also be looking for a giveaway from this company starting a little later on tonight!

I was sent free products from Glass Dharma in exchange for my honest review.  I was not financially compensated, and all opinions are 100 percent mine.


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