Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Travel Insurance Direct---The Reasonable Travel Insurance Option

Insurance--it is something with which we are inundated on a regular basis.  From television to radio to billboards--we cannot escape the advertisements for this necessity in our lives.  We need insurance for our homes, cars, and even our lives.  But what about travel insurance?  Do we really need it, and is it worth the price we pay?

Although my daughter is not old enough to travel on her own at this point in her life, I know that in a few years, she will be.  The world has changed so much from when I was a student, and the dangers are much more prevalent than they used to be.  There is a possibility that anyone traveling may have any of the following things happen to him/her:
  • medical expenses
  • rental vehicle insurance
  • loss of luggage
  • loss of income
  • hijacking
  • trip disruption
And there is no way that is an exhaustive list!  Those are just a few of the things that can happen when you travel--especially overseas.  And how would you feel if your child was on a trip and experienced any of these?  I know I would feel pretty helpless, and it certainly makes me think about the benefits of travel insurance, especially student travel insurance.

The first thing that probably comes to mind is the cost of this travel insurance.  After all, students already have a limited budget, and if they are traveling, can they afford to get travel insurance?  I think the question should be--can you afford to be without travel insurance?  Travel Insurance Direct is underwritten by Lloyds, and it trusted by over one million people.  You can purchase this insurance, and as long as it has not been used nor has a claim been filed, you have fourteen days to cancel and get a full refund.  The cost is very reasonable, and you have the option to tailor it to your needs--just like any other insurance.

Another thing I would like to point out about Travel Insurance Direct is their partnership with Footprints Network.  I always appreciate it when companies go the extra mile to involve themselves in charity work.  Footprints Network is an alliance of online companies that are not only ethical but also fund community projects all over the world.  And you, as the customer, have the option to be a part of this wonderful work.  When purchasing your insurance policy, just click "Give Back When You Travel" and add two dollars to the world-wide project of your choice.  One hundred percent of your donation goes to the project--guaranteed. And although it may not sound like much, all those little gifts add up to accomplish great things around the world!  I am so glad that this company voluntarily involves their customers in this worthwhile organization.  It always makes me feel better about a company when they do these kinds of things.

Travel Insurance Direct also ensures that the information you submit is secure.  It uses an SSL certificate which supports 128 bit encryption.  This should give you peace of mind as you go through the sign-up process online to purchase your travel insurance.

So if you have never considered travel insurance (I know I honestly have not before now), I invite you to check out their site.  If you have any questions, they have a fantastic customer service portion of their website  where you will probably find the answers to your questions.  And if you don't, be sure to e-mail them and/or call them as their details are displayed clearly on this portion of their site.  I think you may discover that travel insurance is a necessity instead of a luxury.


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