Friday, November 16, 2012

Unity Ceremony: When Two Hearts Become One

The highlight of my wedding was the lighting of the Unity Candle during our Unity Ceremony.  During my wedding, when we lit that candle, "fire fell on the altar."  Yes, I'm not joking.  The wick came out of the candle and caught the wreath on fire.  The minister had to put out the fire with his hands and still had burn marks a week later that he showed us after our honeymoon.  So whenever I think of this very special time during the wedding ceremony, I am always reminded of what happened that day in 1994.

I don't know how much the unity candle is still used at wedding ceremonies any more, but every time I see it, I am always reminded of the uniqueness of the covenant of marriage.  A unity ceremony is a very simple and effective way to enhance the meaning of the wedding ceremony.  It is a physical act that depicts what is supposed to be happening in the wedding ceremony.  Two hearts come together as one, and this is a simple and beautiful way to show by a physical, public act what is occurring privately during the ceremony.

I know that picking out the ideal unity candle can be time-consuming task, but Weddingstar is there to rescue you yet again.  They have a wide variety of wedding accessories, and they are sure to have exactly what you need.  You normally need two taper candles that represent the bride and groom and one larger, free-standing candle to represent the couple you are becoming.  There are so many different styles from which to choose, and it should be up to you to select the candles you want to feature in your trademark unity ceremony.

Sometimes people make the poor but necessary choice to sacrifice quality for economy, but Weddingstar does not require you to do this.  You are sure to find the perfect pieces for the unity ceremony, and you can even make the choice to have them engraved.   What a treasured way to remember your special day!

I am so glad that this site exists.  I know how pricey all these wedding accessories can become, and I only wish this resource had been available way back when I got married.  And the wonderful thing about Weddingstar is that it offers everything you need to make your wedding day (including your pre-planning and post-planning of the event) everything you wanted more.  And nothing says this more than unity ceremony accessories that match your wedding's theme to a tee!


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