Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Guest Post: Helpful Hints to Remember to Take Your Vitamins Every Day

Taking vitamins is great. Actually remembering to take your vitamins is another thing, especially if you take different vitamins at different times of the day. It's safe to assume that you have a lot on your plate each day, keeping track of your vitamins isn't always your first priority. Here are some helpful hints to remember to take your vitamins every day.

Can You Streamline Your Vitamins?
If you find yourself struggling to keep track of your vitamins each day, maybe you're taking too many vitamins. Consider taking a multivitamin or a supplement instead. This makes it easy to remember to take it everyday. If, however, that's not an option for you, talk to your doctor or pharmacist to see if you can eliminate some of the vitamins you take. Some vitamins even come in weekly doses.

Use Your Computer As a Reminder
There are plenty of free daily scheduling programs you can use to remind you to take your vitamins when you log onto your computer each day, which you probably do at about the same time each day anyway. Some programs even have an alarm option if subtle reminders won't do the trick for you. An easier fix is to put the reminder right on your screensaver.

Put Your Vitamins in Can't Miss Location
Location is everything. This is true when it comes to remember to take your vitamins too. Keep your vitamins in a can't miss location where you know you will find them each day. If you usually take your vitamins with breakfast, for instance, put them where you keep your coffee cups.

Use Your Daily Wake Up Service
If you have a daily wake up service that you normally use to remind you to get to the office on time, ask them to add a vitamin reminder to your message too. Most wake up services are willing to make special accommodations like this.

Use a Pill Sorter
Pill organizers aren't just for senior citizens. You have compartments for each day, which works fine if you take the same vitamins at the same time each day. Just put your vitamins into each compartment and leave the pill sorter in a spot where you can easily find it and you should be all set.

Take Your Vitamins at the Same Time
Unlike medications most vitamins can be taken at the same time each day. If you're not sure, ask your doctor or pharmacist to make sure it's all right. It's easier to develop a habit if you do something around the same time each day.

Get a Reminder Device
Remembering to take something everyday, whether it be a vitamin or medication, isn't a new or unique problem. You'll find a number of devices you can use to remind you to take your vitamins everyday, from vibrating watches and automatic dispensers to beepers and special alarms. Epill.com is a good site to find a variety of reminder devices.

There's an App for That
Yes, there are plenty of apps you can use to be reminded to take your vitamins. Most of the pill reminder apps are for medications, but work just fine as vitamin reminders too. Many of the pill reminder apps you'll find have both a free version and a paid version. If you just need a simple reminder each day, the free version should do just fine.

Ask Family Members/Friends to Remind You
If you're not the only one in your household taking vitamins, remind each other to take your vitamins. The same goes for your friends or co-workers. It's not a lifetime commitment though. Once you get enough reminders, you should be able to get into the habit of taking your vitamins without daily reminders.

Use Post-its or Reminder Notes
Old school reminders can still be just as effective in the age of apps and smartphones. Place a Post-it note at your breakfast table by your laptop. If you take your vitamins before you start your day at work, put a reminder note or Post-it on your computer screen before you leave each day so that you'll see it when you get into work. Just remember to leave another note for the cleaning crew when you first start doing this.

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