Sunday, September 9, 2012

Soda Stream's Fountain Jet Soda Starter Kit Review

I cannot tell you how long I have wanted to bring this review to you, and it is finally a reality!  I hope that through reading this you will learn about how unbelievable this product is and why you definitely want to own one!

Two years ago, I first heard of this fantastic product called Soda Stream.  I read all sorts of reviews on various review sites, and I knew then that I wanted one.  I entered giveaways, but I just couldn't seem to get one.  I honestly was at a point where I was ready to buy one since the price was reasonable.

Well, my friends, I ended up being lucky enough to be sent a Soda Stream Fountain Jet Soda Starter Kit, and you can see above exactly what came!  Soda Stream provides over 600 million liters of carbonated beverages to households worldwide (43 countries) each year, and this makes it one of the largest beverage companies in the world.  They are also a "green" company that will save you money.

For my mom and me, soda pop is a staple.  We buy all sorts of diet soft drinks on a regular basis (or at least we did), and we would drink on average 1-2 cans of soda pop per day.  We were always looking for special prices on soda pop, and we often only got a couple different varieties.  I was the one who often got bored with the flavors.

When this product arrived, I got right to work on making soda.  The soda machine itself was relatively easy to put together.  Only a couple of steps, and I was ready to begin.  I filled the soda bottle with filtered water, and I set to work on turning it into carbonated water.  I was wondering about the instructions because it said that I would hear a loud sound when I started the soda-making process.  I hoped that I would recognize the sound since I had to be able to hear that sound three times in order for me to know that the soda was ready.

I began to screw the bottle on (hint--hold onto the bottom of the bottle while screwing it on because it will work much better), and then I started pressing the button.  Be careful when you do that you don't get your fingers caught.  And I didn't need to worry about hearing the sound.  Trust me, you will hear the loud sound, and so will your animals.  And the rest of your family.  My dog and cats were the most upset by the sound.  According to the directions, you need to hear that sound at least three times and no more than five times.  I usually go with four times because I like a lot of fizz in my soda, but not too much.

After you unscrew the soda bottle, you add the flavors, and there is almost any flavor of soda you can imagine.  My personal favorites are the ones that did not even come as a sample from the company.  I love the Crystal Light Peach Tea and Crystal Light Energy Drink.  Both are sugar-free, and my mom and I enjoy them.  It is very easy to put the flavoring in the soda water.  There is a fill-line in the cap of each soda flavoring.  You fill it up to that line (or just below or above depending on the strength of flavor you like), and you dump it in.  Then you screw the lid on the soda bottle and gently mix the flavoring into the soda water.

I want to give you another little hint when it comes to the flavorings.  There is a MyWater Flavor Essence that came with my pack, and it has three flavors you can add to the soda water--lemon lime, raspberry, and orange.  The first time I tried this, I followed the directions.  The only problem is that I don't like flavored soda water with no sweetener.  So I did something you never, ever, ever want to try.  I added a packet of Splenda to the soda bottle.  Would you like to know what happened?  Let's just say it would have been perfect if I was demonstrating a volcano!  It bubbled up and overflowed!  So don't ever add a packet of sweetener to your soda water.  

I have heard some people speak in disparaging terms of these Flavor Essences.  And I might have joined you if I had not kept trying to find a way to use them.  I added the flavorings to other soda flavorings.  For example.  How about Diet Raspberry Cola?  Or Lemon-Lime Dr. Pete?  (Speaking of Dr. Pete, we didn't like this flavoring until we added some of the other flavorings to it.)  I invite you to experiment with the flavorings to create all-new kinds of sodas!  Don't be afraid to try something new.

Since getting this product to review, we have not bought packaged soda.  The carbonator is still going strong, and you will want to make sure that you follow the instructions for proper disposal (you ship it back to the company) so you are not charged a fee.  I can't recommend this product enough!  

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I was sent a free product in exchange for my honest review.  I was not financially compensated, and all opinions are 100 percent mine.


  1. great review. My husband really wants one of these

  2. That's awesome, great review! I really want to try a SodaStream soon!

  3. I like the way you can experiment with all the different flavors!

  4. Our household got one of these a month ago and we love it. My dad even experimented with some flavors, I think he mixed his energy drink flavoring with Cranberry Raspberry and he said it was good.


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