Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Really Need Sponsors for Upcoming Giveaways

Yep, here I go again.  I am putting out a plea for sponsors for upcoming giveaways.  The list seems endless.  Everything from Halloween, to Christmas, to handmade.  I am putting out this plea for sponsors because I am at a point where I cannot keep offering nice prize packs from my own funds.  The vast majority of the giveaways on my blog are sponsored by yours truly.  I am always looking for great deals and for things that might interest you, my readers.  Because I know how to shop for bargains, it has been all right.  But now I need sponsors.  I know they are out there, and I will certainly be contacting some more individually.  But if you have some kind of product that you would like to give away on my blog, then please contact me at  Thanks!


  1. I'm not familiar with your giveaways. Someone shared your blog on twitter so I popped over to check you out. I'm on my phone now. I am Raven_73 on twitter. Feel free to share your link in a mention to me so I can check you out further.


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