Sunday, May 20, 2012

Blogger PR Kickoff Giveaway Hop (Ends 5/27) U.S. (Closed)

Welcome to the BloggerPR Kickoff Giveaway Hop!

We are celebrating the launch of BloggerPR, which is a brand new support and media group for bloggers. Over 50 blogs are giving away some amazing prizes valued over $25! This event will run from May 21-27, 2012. Join us as we kick off a brand new and exciting venture for our members!

I have two really great things for my U.S. readers.  Read on to discover them!

You may remember my post promoting a very special book Pabby's Score by James Ross.  I finally have the guest post (not the author's fault that it is late--just one of those things), and it is posted below.  

"Perhaps the most important decision facing an author is the setting with which he is going to place his characters. It is much more comfortable to write about a subject or place that the author can relate to. If the setting does not seem believable then readers will realize that immediately and lose interest.

An author can fool people some of the time but if he wants to sustain longevity then he must show expertise in the field that is discussed. The reading public is not naïve. They can find the holes in the story.

My hobby in life has been golf. Our family grew up in a golf course subdivision and a few members of my family made a living in the golf business. It was a natural for me to pick a clubhouse with a pro shop and dining area. I can see that setting vividly in my mind. When the action goes outside many times it goes directly to the golf course. Since I’ve spent a lot of time on the golf course then that setting is a natural as well.

The significance of that is that I can very easily pop right into my stories. The description is second nature. The lines are believable. The writing holds the reader’s interest. The words consequently flow off of the keyboard.

Maybe the most difficult task for an author is to write about something that is foreign. If his characters are in a setting that an author is unfamiliar with then that deficiency will be duly noted by the reader.

So the moral to the story is to write about a topic that you have knowledge about. That is believable to the author and that believability will be conveyed to the reader."

I have not read this book as of yet.  I will be reviewing it within a couple of weeks if all goes well, but I am going to be able to give this book away to one of my U.S. readers.

In addition to this book, I will be adding one of the EZ stringers that I reviewed on this post.

Now because I will be sending you the EZ stringer, I plan to add a little surprise into this giveaway that I am sure you will appreciate.  (And if you don't, you won't say anything so you don't hurt my feelings--just kidding!)

So if you would like to win, please enter the rafflecopter below by 9 P.M. Pacific time May 27.  And don't forget to hop along to the other blogs so you can have the chance to win even more prizes!

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